Special Report: 3 Blue Chip Dividend Stocks That Could Double

Editor’s Note: Before you begin your investor report, “3 Blue-Chip Dividend Stocks That Could Double,” we wanted to share an opportunity with you from Energy and Capital expert Alex Koyfman. While this company may not be a blue-chip stock yet, it certainly has the potential to double or more…

World’s Richest Lithium Deposit Worth Trillions

An Oregon State University geologist just exposed the single largest lithium deposit known to man…

This American lithium deposit dwarfs anything else on Earth.

With up to 120 megatons of lithium at this remote site…

It’s potentially more than 10 TIMES the size of the next largest lithium deposit in the world.

It contains enough lithium to produce batteries for 10 billion smartphones (more than one for every person on Earth).

And enough to build 600 million Tesla Model 3s (more than two for every single driver in the U.S.). 

Or enough to supply more than 60 times the total number of electric vehicles sold worldwide last year.

And the crazy thing is that almost nobody knows about this record-setting deposit.

Because when an unassuming geologist from Oregon State University first published this groundbreaking geological conclusion…

The story was buried in a sea of more flashy political and economic headlines.

To the average viewer, it just isn’t attention-grabbing enough — not in the context of today’s dopamine-driven media circus.

But to the more discerning of us out there, it is a bright and glaring opportunity only a fool would ignore.

And now one little-known firm has a massive head start in mining this world record-breaking deposit…

It plans to begin extracting the critical resource in a matter of months… with an initial production goal of 40,000 tons of lithium per year.

And customers are already lining up to get their hands on as much of it as possible, like General Motors.

The American auto giant has poured $650 million into this little-known company.

And you can claim your stake in their mining operation today, for around $5, before its share price explodes into the stratosphere.

Go here now for the complete story.

Investor Report: 3 Blue-Chip Dividend Stocks That Could Double

There’s nothing better than finding a strong blue chip stock trading at a temporary bargain. That’s why today we’re giving you the names of three unique dividend stocks you can win big on thanks to a big bump from the market…

In 2008, when gasoline prices were around $4 a gallon, I went looking for a new car. “What about these Mustangs?” I asked the dealer.

“Take your pick,” he said, while he stuffed his cigarette through the hole in the tall plastic ashtray. “These will be the last muscle cars you’ll ever see. Make me an offer; we have dozens of them.”

No one was buying the gas-guzzlers back then because they thought oil was going to $200 a barrel. The simple truth is that oil is cyclical. This time is no different. Today’s low oil prices will create tomorrow’s high oil prices.

That makes SLB, formerly known as Schlumberger, (NYSE: SLB) the contrarian dividend buy of the decade. 

SLB Chart March '24

SLB is the world’s largest oilfield services company. It employs 100,000 people from 140 companies and is ranked 287 in the Fortune 500.

They provide services such as seismic acquisition, well testing, directional drilling, as well as a vast array of energy production solutions.

When the price of oil is going up, SLB does great business and the share price pops. When oil prices fall, profits fall and the share price drops.

Here is the Brent crude oil price chart going back to 1990s. You can see it leads SLB’s stock price.

brent crude price March '24

Stealth Bull Market in Coal

China is currently adding 259 GW of coal capacity — that’s twice the amount of power used by Texas. Meanwhile, in India, The Hindu BusinessLine is reporting that 121 out of 123 power plants have less than five days’ worth of coal in stock.

This is being blamed on new power generation, which has grown 7% a year. The fact is that both China (65%) and India (75%) are hugely dependent on coal-based electricity, which will be needed in even bigger quantities to lift their low standards of living.

Forbes reported, “U.S. coal exports increase by 61% last year as exports to Asia more than doubled.”

You now have an investor’s dream. Coal companies are undervalued because Wall Street has believed the lie that “coal is dead.”

Not only that, but there is a production shortage and a demand boom. I’ve found several coal exporters that are paying huge 5% to 13% dividends and have earnings growth and money in the bank.

Coal Profits

Natural Resource Partners L.P. (NYSE: NRP) owns, operates, manages, and leases mineral properties in the United States. It owns interests in coal, trona, soda ash, construction aggregates, and other natural resources.

The company’s coal reserves are primarily located in the Appalachia, the Illinois Basin, and the Western United States; aggregates and industrial minerals are located in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Louisiana; oil and gas royalty assets are located in Louisiana; and trona ore mining operations and soda ash refineries are located in the Green River Basin, Wyoming.

The company also operates four limestone quarries, one underground limestone mine, five sand and gravel plants, two asphalt plants, and two marine terminals. The company leases coal reserves, aggregates, and industrial mineral reserves in exchange for royalty payments.

No wonder the share price has been heading higher:

NRP  Stock Chart March '24

It’s a stealth bull market in coal! And NRP is the way to play it.

Huge Yield, Massive Growth: It’s All About the Data

If you really want to make money, there’s no better system than the stock market. The average annualized total return for the S&P 500 Index over the past 90 years is 10.47%. But December 1999 to December 2009 was the worst decade for U.S. large cap stocks. Those returned a -0.95%, which is just terrible.

The S&P 500 has experienced significant volatility over the years, with some years delivering positive returns of over 50% and other years delivering negative returns. However, over the long term, the index has consistently trended upwards.

The goal is to avoid the losers and play the winners over the long term. To do that, you have to find consistent long-term growth at reasonable prices.

And today, I’m going to tell you about one such stock…

It’s called Broadcom (NASDAQ: AVGO), and it’s been tearing up the charts for the past five years. The company has a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29%.

Broadcom’s Ten-Year Chart:

AVGO  Stock Chart March '24

When it comes to big data and artificial intelligence, Broadcom is a long-term winner because the future is all about data — think cloud computing, A.I., Internet of Things (IoT), and robot cars.

Broadcom (AVGO) is a semiconductor and software company that designs, develops, manufactures, and sells a broad range of infrastructure software, networking hardware, storage hardware, and security software. The company’s products are used by data centers, enterprise software customers, and network service providers around the world.

Broadcom is one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world, and it is a major player in the data center market. The company’s products are used by some of the largest technology companies in the world, including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Solid year-over-year growth was driven by the robust increase in networking and computation offloading in cloud data centers and also strong growth spending by enterprise information technology. The company expects these trends to continue.

These Stocks Are Just the Icing on The Cake…

The three stocks I named above are only the beginning of the numerous profit opportunities that await you.

Just like how NRP, Broadcom, and SLB could help you generate income while on their way to doubling their price, there are always more companies waiting to be discovered. In fact, Keith Kohl has just discovered one tiny energy firm that could be getting ready to go on a 46,018% run. 

Learn more about Keith’s latest discovery right here. 

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