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Oil's 10-Day Price Rally

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Posted January 9, 2010

Welcome to Energy and Capital’s weekend edition — our insights in investing, as well as the top stories this week from Energy and Capital and our sister publications.

If you’re like us, you’ve been smiling all week as energy stocks across the board rallied higher. Up until Thursday, when crude prices fell $0.52 to close at $82.66 per barrel, oil was on a 10-session hot streak.

After reaching as high as $83.47 per barrel on Friday, the question for crude is whether or not it will find support. That’s been the story for the last six months. Since the end of summer 2009, we’ve watched oil contracts stubbornly trade between $70 and $80 per barrel. No matter how bullish the news was, oil has failed to stay above $82 for long — which makes this week’s rally even more important.

And even though we’re not getting our hopes up for a run to triple-digits, the long-term outlook for oil and natural gas prices has some companies looking forward.

  • China’s certainly betting big on oil. As you know, they’ve been taking advantage of cheap prices by picking up billions of dollars in overseas assets. Lately, they made a $1.9 billion bid to buy a stake in two oil sands projects.

  • Closer to home, companies like Exxon are also making a play for unconventional assets. Their latest deal with XTO Energy gives the company a major stake in the emerging shale gas market. However, opposition for developing these shale formations continues to grow. Hydraulic fracturing, the process used to crack the underground shales has come under fire recently.

  • Yesterday, Baker Hughes announced an increase in the U.S. rig count increased by 65 rigs to 1,172 in December, 2009. Across the world, the overall rig count was up 100 to 2,509. Even though we’re still a far cry from 2008’s record numbers, we can’t ignore the increased activity.

  • One thing I’ve been telling readers for years is that cheap oil is gone for good. It took a massive global recession to knockdown record oil prices. And if you need proof, look no further than the lengths to which oil companies must go to find it. Back in September, a new record was set as the deepest offshore well to date was drilled in the Gulf of Mexico.

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keith kohl

Keith Kohl

Energy and Capital

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