No Relief Yet for BP

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Posted July 24, 2010

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The Macondo saga continues…

Even after BP finally managed to stop oil from spewing into the Gulf of Mexico, the company still can’t catch a break.

This time, another threat has moved into the area: tropical storm Bonnie.

The good news is that BP received permission to leave the well capped during the storm.

The bad news is that BP’s relief well efforts have been delayed again.

When Bonnie formed late Thursday, BP made the decision to move its drilling ships.

As you know, once the relief well is completed, BP will be able to pump the Macondo well full of mud and cement, permanently plugging it. Now, the threat of Bonnie has moved the completion date back to late August.

Although we don’t know for certain what Bonnie’s impact will be, remember that storms during June pushed a huge amount of oil onshore. And don’t forget that the delay until late August assumes no other interruptions take place.

Do you think BP’s luck will prevail?

An industry under siege

Every oil and gas investor has taken a look at the offshore industry at least once since the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

If they say they haven’t, they’re lying to you.

Make no mistake — the last three months have been brutal for those offshore drillers:

offshore drillers 7-23

Once the relief wells are completed — and if all goes well — then BP will have turned a major corner in this disaster.

I don’t believe it’s a matter of if drilling will resume in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico…

Eventually, the market is going to take full advantage of those beaten down offshore stocks.

At what point do you see a huge buying opportunity?

Stay tuned, because I’ll have my answer for you next week.

Enjoy your weekend,

keith kohl

Keith Kohl

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