Metal Oil Investing 101

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Posted October 6, 2015

I love a good redemption arc in a storyline.

If it’s written correctly, there’s absolutely nothing better than seeing the bad guy save the day.

Here’s a story for you: the redemption of Metal Oil.

I know — it sounds a little nefarious, doesn’t it? The term conjures up images of a dirty liquid with a metallic edge that can conduct electricity to boot.

That isn’t quite the reality, but Metal Oil has certainly played some evil roles in the past…

Metal Oil Basics: 101

The first major use for Metal Oil was as soap-grease for airplanes in World War II; soaps made from it had a higher melting point and could withstand the heat better than other greases. Simply put, it kept the gears of war turning.

Then, from WWII on through the 90s, its major use was in bombs. Now, I’m not referring to the kind that explode in a blast of fire and shrapnel, but rather the ones that leave a chemical wasteland behind.

You see, Metal Oil is a catalyst for nuclear fusion. It was a major player in the nuclear arms race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

When the war ended and the nuclear competition fizzled out, the world’s uses for Metal Oil dwindled.

On the market, it became insanely cheap. Even the U.S. Department of Energy, which still used it for nuclear reactor power, sold off most of its stockpiles, making it essentially free.

Yes, the history of Metal Oil played a sad role, with many of its uses leaning toward the negative side of the spectrum before demand for it was practically snuffed out.

So our surprise was palpable after watching the role of Metal Oil turn from sinister to one of the most sought-after commodities today.

But enough history — let me introduce you to the oil of the 21st century…

The Oil of the 21st Century

As a lifelong oil bull, it pains me to say this, but you and I both know the era of Big Oil cannot last forever, simply due to the fact that crude oil is a non-renewable resource.

Yet we’re okay with that, because this new star commodity is rising to take oil’s place, and for once, we’re on board with such a forecast.

Truth is, Metal Oil is actually changing the world for the better in the 21st century, and it also happens to be one of the few commodities (if not the only!) that is in a solid bullish uptrend today — and has been for the past few years.

As you read this, this commodity is positioning itself as the only real threat to crude oil’s dominance in the transportation sector.

By now, it should be obvious to even the most staunch, unyielding member on Exxon’s board that oil won’t last forever and that moving away from fossil fuel energy into renewable, sustainable, clean power isn’t a question — it’s an inevitability.

Let’s be clear here: Right now, this transition cannot happen without Metal Oil.

It’s being called a “strategic fuel” by the Pentagon, and our only domestic producer of Metal Oil withholds its production numbers as “state secrets.”

Why? Well, it’s one of the few sources of energy that offers the scale-up potential to cause an upheaval in the auto industry.

For individual investors like us, this kind of ground-floor opportunity comes around but once a generation…

A Cleaner Hero for the Petroleum Age

You see, the best part of this situation is that this market is still young and ripe with potential, where a single $5,000 stake now could turn into $40,000 before you know it!

Again, we know the increasing public interest in the push for renewables will be the primary driver of this boom for years, even decades to come.

Like I said, it is absolutely essential to our energy future: no wind turbines or solar panels can be at their best without Metal Oil working behind the scenes.

Of course, visionaries like Elon Musk are the innovators behind the growing demand for Metal Oil; they’re writing the future use of this commodity.

All we have to do is follow the money…

Follow the Money

Elon Musk and his Gigafactory are the current catalysts of this commodity right now, and although Musk isn’t the only player, he’s certainly the biggest.

After all, Tesla’s Gigafactory could be online as soon as 2016 and will require 15,000 tons of Metal Oil per year from the get-go. And this isn’t to mention the fact that more uses for it are becoming mainstream, causing consumption to skyrocket.

Which is why our mantra of the day is: “Supply, supply, supply!”

Fortunately, you don’t have to do any of the legwork to get behind this revolution taking place in the energy sector. But one thing has become clear: You have to invest now while the rest of the herd is still milling about, sitting on their hands during a volatile market.

Stay tuned for more details behind the Metal Oil revolution.

Until next time,

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