Lowest Premiums on Silver Bullion

Written By Luke Burgess

Posted April 1, 2016

I’ve been taking advantage of lower gold and silver prices all week buy purchasing bullion.

And from what I’ve found, here are some of the most affordable ways to own silver right now…

The premium for silver bullion coins is out of control. For a one ounce American Silver Eagle, bullion dealers are asking for a 17% to 31% premium.

But from what I can find, one of the lowest premiums on an silver bullion coin is Provident Metal’s One Ounce Silver Prospector.

lowest premium gold and silver bullion 3

lowest premium gold and silver bullion 4

These coins are privately minted for Provident Metals. They contain one troy ounce of .999 fine silver just like American Silver Eagles.

And again, depending on how you pay and the size of your order, Provident Metals is currently charging between a 4.5% and 9.5% premium for these.

I know that sounds high. But even very larger silver bullion bars currently sell for a premium that’s a little higher.

This coin is probably one of the best for investors right now.

Also, to note, Provident has free shipping orders over $99. Otherwise, standard shipping is $5.95. So a purchase of at least seven of these would be most worth it.

I bought several of these myself last night. At last look, my order was still processing. So I don’t expect to receive them until late next week.

Good Investing,

Until next time,
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