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Written By Luke Sweeney

Updated May 15, 2024

Trust me, this sub-$5 stock will soon be out of reach for the average investor. 

The industry it belongs to has been waiting anxiously for this exact moment. I’m rushing this article through because readers need to know this NOW. 

I won’t beat around the bush. I’m talking about nuclear energy — anyone who's read my articles knows it’s one of my favorite topics. 

It’s an energy production method that is as controversial as it is powerful. I could spend all day talking about nuclear’s storied past. 

Today, there’s no time for that. We’ve officially reached a major milestone that could mark the start of a new nuclear heyday. 

The next generation of nuclear technology is called a small modular reactor (SMR). It’s a small-scale, self-contained reactor that can vary in size depending on its purpose. 

Some microreactors can be the size of a school bus, while other configurations can have a footprint roughly the size of a football field. 

SMR size comparison

You've probably heard us talk about these before. They've been hailed as the “next big thing” for a few years now. 

We’ve finally reached the most exciting part of any new tech. The jump from the laboratory into commercialization is when early investors are rewarded handsomely for their foresight. 

In the past few months, dozens of SMR designs have been approved by regulators. The government is fast-tracking as many designs as possible. 

But that’s not the major milestone I’m talking about. This week, the industry got the closest thing to a guarantee that it will ever see: power purchase agreements (PPAs). 

PPAs: The Golden Ticket for SMRs

For the uninitiated, PPAs are exactly what they sound like: They’re written contracts that obligate a company to purchase power once a project is complete. 

power purchase agreement

They're incredibly common in the renewable sector, where money often doesn't start flowing until well after facilities are built. 

In simplest terms, it means that SMRs are locking down guaranteed revenue before they’ve even been built. If that’s not a sign of confidence in the industry, I don’t know what is. 

The first PPA to hit the news came from Last Energy, a U.S.-based nuclear developer. It secured 34 SMR units from four industrial partners in the U.K. and Poland, the earliest of which will be ready by 2026. 

SMRs combined with PPAs solve one of nuclear’s oldest problems: risk. Giant facilities used to frequently run years and billions of dollars over budget. Unsurprisingly, investors tend to hate that. 

SMRs are purpose-built in a factory, so lead time is measured in months rather than years. And with guaranteed revenue waiting at the end, there's a huge incentive to push more reactors out the door. 

We’ve never seen a PPA for SMRs before. It was completely unheard of until now. 

If these huge industrial giants are willing to commit billions of dollars to projects that won’t be ready for 10 years or more, the floodgates have already opened. 

Consider this moment a starting gun. The industry has been waiting ages to start, so it’s going to move fast. 

Our Big Play? Don’t Invest in SMRs

Dozens of different companies are currently vying for SMR supremacy. In this early stage, it’s anyone’s guess who will emerge as king. 

Right now, we don’t recommend making too big a bet on any of these young companies. They need time to let the harsh world of nuclear reactor construction weed out the weakest contenders. 

Instead, our editors are unanimously recommending something every reactor needs to function. 

It’s a tiny company that has been in business since SMRs were just a wild idea.

Its claim to fame is a new design of nuclear fuel that is safer, cheaper, and more powerful than anything the world has ever seen before. 

lightbridge fuel

I can’t reveal any more here. Follow me back to our secure site now for all the details.

This page will only be available for a short time, so don’t miss out!

To your wealth,

Luke Sweeney
Contributor, Energy and Capital

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