Killer AI Isn't What You Expected

Alex Koyfman

Written By Alex Koyfman

Updated May 15, 2024

In case any of you are still wondering when the arrival of killer-AI would signal the beginning of the end for humanity, it’s already started — and hardly anybody noticed. 

Remember the war in Ukraine?

It’s that regional conflict involving a nuclear superpower that we were all following fairly closely until it was eclipsed by the war in Gaza, which was then eclipsed by Taylor swift, who was then, in turn, eclipsed by a literal eclipse. 

But it’s there, over the fields of central Europe, where the evolution of armed combat has taken a major step into the very singularity which so many have feared for so long. 

Since the start of the war in 2022, one of the key tools the Ukrainian army has been using to level the very uneven playing field is drone technology. 

They were little more than commercially available models strapped with RPG warheads and sent into the air to linger and find targets of opportunity.

Killer AI

Killer AI… The Last Step To The Singularity?

The Russians took very heavy casualties as their forces — designed decades ago to take on other large and heavily-armored national armies — failed to immediately adapt to the new threat. 

It took time, but adapt they did, and it came in the form of powerful, mobile jamming stations. 

russian jamming station

Designed to sever contact between drone and remote-pilot, it is estimated that Ukrainian forces were losing somewhere on the order of 300 drones per day when these countermeasures first appeared in the field. 

That was in January of this year.

The pendulum, however, never stays idle. And it was the Ukrainian answer to these jamming stations that may have taken us across the proverbial Rubicon in terms of lethal AI. 

Ukraine’s current batch of drones is equipped with Artificial Intelligence to step in if communication with the pilot is lost. 

In a recent interview with CNN, Noah Sylvia, a research analyst at the Royal United Services Institute, a UK-based think tank explained:

“They have this thing called ‘machine vision,’ which is a form of AI. Basically you take a model and you have it on a chip and you train this model to identify geography and the target it is navigating to. When it is finally deployed, it is able to identify where it is. It does not require any communication (with satellites), it is completely autonomous.”

Early Killer AI Isn’t What You Expected

Just last week, this very AI was implemented in what was perhaps the most spectacular, not to mention the most poetic drone strike against Russia yet, when a single-engined Cessna-style aircraft laden with explosives hit a drone factory hundreds of miles inside Russian borders. This Ukrainian drone was unique, to say the least.

ukraine drone

Now, take a step back and think what this means. 

The Ukrainian drone fleet still consists largely of home-made machines. 

And though they have not defeated the Russians, this improvised arsenal has certainly disrupted the advance to the point where the war seems pointless to most onlookers.

Now, with these lessons on 21st century warfare being recorded (by the drones themselves), what do you think the response is going to be from the likes of the world’s most advanced militaries?

The Israelis have been pioneering weaponized drone tech for decades. What do you think they’re going to do?

The Chinese have been champing at the bit to cement their military superpower status. What do you think they’re going to do?

And of course, the Americans, who have invested trillions into the world’s biggest military ever — a military whose existence is now threatened by this radical new form of asymmetrical warfare… How do you think they’re going to respond?

The Killer AI Arms Race Is Already Off And Running

The answer is simple… Sums of money that exceed all of Ukraine’s annual GDP are already being earmarked for the development of lethal autonomous robots. 

In every operational medium, from underwater to miles above where airliners fly, these lethal machines will soon be operating in large number. 

They will be fighting humans and they will be fighting each other, as they already are in Ukraine. But this next generation of deadly robots won’t be cottage industry products. They’ll be DoD-funded and silicon-valley designed brilliant machines that don’t need inefficient human intervention slowing the mission down.

advanced drone

Now, I know this is scary, but look at it from this perspective… Almost everyone in the retail investment world is missing this story. 

They’re too focused on the other distractions in the news than see through the fog to what really matters. 

And right now, it matters more than ever. 

What Will Rule Over The Killer Machines Of Tomorrow?

There is a company out there today, operating in the field of ‘enterprise artificial intelligence’ — something you don’t hear much about either. 

But it’s this AI which was designed from inception to operate huge and exceedingly complicated systems… Systems like large organizations, or perhaps entire armored divisions, or even swarms of killer robots. 

This company is already working with the US army to help manage logistics, but with the future of warfare itself heading in the direction that it is, enterprise AI is exactly where the Pentagon will be turning to in the future for managing its killer swarms. 

The really scary thing is that you can actually draw parallels between this technology and some of the hyper-smart killer computers in the realm of science fiction, but there’s little we can do about it. 

Pandora’s box is already open, and as the world’s governments and armies scramble for position in this new race, there’s only one outcome. 

The best you can do is use this knowledge now, and get yourself into a better financial position before the enterprise AI rush kicks off in earnest. 

Here’s how you can learn more about it…

Fortune favors the bold,

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