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Is $100 Oil Around the Corner?

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Posted April 3, 2010

Welcome to Energy and Capital’s weekend edition — our insights in investing, as well as the top stories this week from Energy and Capital and our sister publications.

Things are starting to pick up… again.

Since the summer of 2009, oil’s been stuck trading in a range between $70 and $80 per barrel. We were forced to watch — no matter how bullish or bearish we felt.

And then April Fools Day came around and pulled a prank on us all.

During trading on Thursday, oil contracts reached as high as $85.37 per barrel before settling at $84.87/bbl.

Honestly, I was waiting for someone to spring out and yell, "Gotcha!"

So what’s been driving prices?

For starters, oil traders dismissed the slightly bearish EIA report this week, which showed a 2.9 million barrel increase in U.S. inventories. The real push in demand has been coming straight from China.

(Let’s be honest, we’ve had our eyes focused on China’s demand for two years, knowing that any recovery would help push prices higher… )

And it’s no secret that Chinese demand is on the rise. Consumption has increased more than 21% over last year’s levels. If that’s not enough, just look at how the cost of shipping. Supertanker rates have risen, and nearly 13 million barrels of crude oil are sent every day to Asia from the Middle East.

Although the threat of triple-digit oil prices is right around the corner, OPEC members insist that oil will be trading its current range for the rest of 2010.

Here’s a look at some other news stories that caught my eye this week:

  • President Obama’s move to expand offshore oil and natural gas drilling is sure to draw fire. The proposal will allow drilling 50 miles off the coast of Virginia, as well as close oil and gas lease sales in Alaska’s Bristol Bay.

  • The latest Baker Hughes oil rig count jumped to an 18-year high, reporting 502 rigs that are currently operating across the U.S.

  • And speaking of rig counts, I’ll give you one guess where a record number of rigs of drilling… North Dakota. With 103 rigs currently drilling in the state, it doesn’t take a genius to see that the famous Bakken oil boom is in full swing.

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keith kohl

Keith Kohl

Energy and Capital

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