How to Milk the Electric Car Bull Market for Everything It’s Worth

Jeff Siegel

Written By Jeff Siegel

Updated May 15, 2024

Five percent.

That’s the tipping point for electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

Once that 5% mark is reached, a rapid proliferation of electric vehicles will follow.

This is according to Bloomberg, which made an interesting discovery this week regarding adoption rates for EVs.

Check it out:

That fast part of the technology adoption curve is happening now with electric vehicles. When we first completed this analysis a year ago, 19 countries had passed what’s become a critical EV tipping point: 5% of new car sales powered only by electricity. This threshold signals the start of mass adoption, when technological preferences rapidly flip. Since then, five more countries have made the leap.

Most successful new technologies — televisions, mobile phones, LED lightbulbs — follow an S-shaped adoption curve. Sales move at a crawl in the early-adopter phase, then quickly once things go mainstream. In the case of fully electric vehicles, 5% seems to be the inflection point. The time it takes to get to that level varies widely by country, but once the universal challenges of car costs, charger availability and driver skepticism are solved for the few, the masses soon follow.

Accessing Bloomberg’s data, we can now confirm that after 5% penetration, EV sales can then command 25% of the new car market in just four years. 

Here’s a snapshot of the data Bloomberg compiled:


And here’s another data point worth sharing…

Global sales of new internal combustion engines peaked in 2017, and net growth for car sales is now driven entirely by EVs. 

Of course, at this point, this latest analysis just confirms what we already know, thanks primarily to what the legacy carmakers are doing now.

Take a look at some of these recent headlines:





And here’s what else we know:
  • GM announced plans to completely phase out internal combustion vehicles by 2035 and then sell only electric vehicles. 
  • Ford announced plans to sell only electric vehicles in Europe by 2030. 
  • Hyundai announced that it plans to sell 2 million electric vehicles a year by 2030.
  • Toyota announced that it's ready to sell only EVs in Europe starting in 2035.
  • VW announced that 80% of its European sales will be all-electric models by 2030.

Nearly all legacy carmakers are rapidly transitioning most of their offerings to electric.

We know this not based on spreadsheets and opinion polls but on what’s actually being built on the factory floors.

Collectively, the legacy carmakers have ponied up hundreds of billions of dollars to make this happen. This isn’t a fad, my friend. This is legit — and we have an opportunity to make a boatload of cash as this plays out. 

We’ve actually been doing this since even before Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) went public, buying shares of lithium, copper, and cobalt miners that were in the perfect spot to capitalize on the boom in demand for electric vehicle batteries.

We then told you about Tesla right after it went public and recommended buying a few shares.

Those who listened made an absolute fortune. 

Some of them are even referred to now as “Teslanaires.”

And while Tesla remains the clear leader in the EV space, the big money on that stock has already been made. That's why we’ve now moved on to a new EV stock that has actually made it possible for electric vehicles to operate without ever being plugged into an outlet.

Instead, this technology allows electric vehicles to actually charge while they’re being driven.

It’s a revolutionary new technology that our team of analysts believes could be the easiest and quickest way to milk this electric vehicle bull market for everything it's worth.

And if you don’t believe it, just look at the numbers for yourself.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth…

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