Driverless Car Innovations Hit the Road

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Posted October 29, 2015

So if cars can drive themselves, should they be made to pass a “driver’s exam”?


The thing is, self-driving vehicles, unlike actual drivers, do not benefit from gradual immersion into open-road driving — the hardware is what matters.

Of course it’s critically important that self-driving vehicles have excellent driving skills in questionable weather conditions, and that they can see (and avoid!) potentially dangerous conditions such as downed power lines or flooded roadways.

Traffic laws are kind of important, yes? Then it only makes sense that these vehicles should be able to follow traffic laws as well as any human, but right now, they cannot.

A potential issue is the fact that many divers are not too hung up on certain traffic laws, so should manufacturers make these cars able to break laws as well?

google carWell, there’s a catch here…

These self-driving cars may end up following traffic laws too strictly, which could cause a plethora of issues with human drivers on the road.

Or perhaps a split-second dangerous situation may arise? What will the car choose?

Licensing could prove to be beneficial, however. Perhaps certain cars could be licensed for use only under specific conditions. When updates are made, the cars’ license will be updated as well.

A good idea might be to only issue “full” licenses to cars that are fully autonomous.

Given all of these limitations, the future still looks bright for the continual development of driverless cars. The idea is appealing for many reasons, and will certainly be a great convenience once the issues are (eventually) worked out.

Though updates are surely going to make these cars more reliable in the near future, software issues, along with a human learning curve, could prove to be potential obstacles.

If nothing else, we know that technology will get better over time… software engineers just need to figure out how to apply these wonderful futuristic predictions to real-life objects.

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