Don't Get FOMO

Written By Luke Burgess

Posted April 12, 2016

This is just a brief note to readers letting you know that I am selling my position in Tahoe Resources (NYSE: TAHO).

I recommended Tahoe for purchase on March 9, at $9.50. At last look shares were trading at over $12.25 for a near 30% gain.

Back on March 9, I wrote to you saying, “I’m looking to take a 30% to 40% gain in three or four weeks on rising silver prices, bullish speculation on 1Q 2016 earnings, and excitement building around the launch of commercial production at Shahuindo. But over the long term, I do think the stock will see higher gains.”

Here is the link to that.

And although I still think there still is some upside to TAHO, there’s no reason not for me to take a gain now.

One of the main reasons investors lose money in the stock market is this…


The Fear Of Missing Out.

Some investors have a hard time selling when they see a gain in their stock portfolio.

That’s been called “greed” by some.

But I don’t believe that greed is the motivator behind the resistance to sell with a modest profit.

I actually believe that it’s fear that actually stops an individual from selling a stock with a modest profit. They are afraid of “missing out” on more gains.

Don’t do that.

The fact is, if you’re trading, holding out for higher gains can actually stop you from see more profits from another investment.

Take your profits.

We’ll re-enter the gold and silver market once prices cool off a little bit.

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