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Curing Arthritis With Stem Cells

Written By Christian DeHaemer

Posted September 2, 2016

 1.5 million people in the United Stated suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. RA is a painful disease that causes swelling of joints and severe fatigue; the pain can get so bad that it can greatly affect mobility and quality of life. It can also include a host of complications, including a higher chance of infections, heart problems, lung disease, and lymphoma. The problem has been, we don’t really know why or how people get it, and thus, have a difficult time treating it… but an Australian biotech company might be changing all that.

This biotech company recently conducted a study on patients with arthritis using stem cells that could have far-reaching consequences for those suffering from arthritis.


Stem cells are cells collected from bone marrow, embryos, or umbilical cord blood, that can be made to change into any other kind of cell: brain, blood, skin. They are often used to replace dead or diseased tissues.

The field of stem cells is advancing in leaps and bounds. Biotech companies are working on using stem cells to help cure cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. These scientists are using stem cells for incredible medical advancements, like helping paralyzed stroke patients walk again, working on a cure for Parkinson’s disease, with one biotech company even trying to use stem cells to bring brain-dead patients back to life.

A Successful Trial

Mesoblast, the Australian biotech company conducting the trial, also seem to think that stem cells are the future. They’ve conducted a phase II clinical trial of patients with rheumatoid arthritis where they injected a single stem cell treatment into the patients.

This injection decreased the severity of symptoms, decreased disease activity, and improved physical abilities for patients. No adverse side effects were seen.

This could be an incredible advancement for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. About one-third of patients don’t respond to current treatments, and this advance could mean pain-free living for them. A whole new life. Read more about Mesoblast’s trial, here.

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