Crude Stocks Rise on Latest Labor Report

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Posted March 7, 2010

Welcome to Energy and Capital’s Weekend Edition — our insights in investing, as well as the top stories this week from Energy and Capital and our sister publications.

This week marked the anniversary of a very special event for investors.

One year ago, the oil markets bottomed out.

Of course, it was a much different environment back then. Crude oil was trading for almost half of what it is today, and nearly every energy company was trading near (or had already reached) 52-week lows.

Chances are you were squeezing your eyes shut on a daily basis, too. Some of us, however, didn’t see the barrel as half empty. I remember telling my readers that many of those beaten down oil and gas stocks were a screaming bargain at the time.

You know the rest of the story… Stocks across the board began to climb out of the trenches, making a lot of investors — and most of my readers, I hope — a small fortune. During the latter half of 2009, however, oil prices fell into a repetitive cycle between $60-$80 per barrel.

This week, that pattern continued as crude prices rose to $82.07 per barrel on Friday. Yesterday’s gain was thanks in part to an optimistic report released by the Labor Department. According to the report, the number of payrolls dropped by 36,000 in February. Analysts were expecting payrolls to drop by 68,000.

Unfortunately, I’m not expecting crude prices to break the cycle next week. There’s simply not enough backing oil right now to cause prices to break out. The latest EIA oil report showed a 4.1 million barrel increase in U.S. crude oil inventories. In case you’re keeping track, inventories are still above the five-year average. Gasoline demand fell last week to 8.88 million barrels per day.

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