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China Aims for Total World Domination by 2050

Written By Luke Sweeney

Posted November 16, 2022

It’s not going to be a military takeover. Instead, China plans to stretch its tentacles around the globe and strangle the world’s economy. 

If it continues unimpeded, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) could become the world’s dominant political force within the next few decades. 

Partisan squabbling aside, this is the main reason that President Biden has been practically forcing money into domestic industries. 

If China continues to rack up monopoly after monopoly, the global economy is already doomed. 

Both the public and private sectors are beginning to wise up to this. 

As we’ve already seen, the U.S. government is opening the funding floodgates — but private interests are following suit. 

Biden poured hundreds of billions of dollars into rebuilding American semiconductor manufacturing. In response, Micron Technology announced its own $100 billion investment in its U.S. facilities. 

And it comes as no surprise. If China becomes the world’s leading economic and political superpower, it will spell disaster for the entire planet. 

The media haven't given it a snappy name like it did with the “Great Resignation,” but we’re staring down the barrel of a massive economic shift here. 

China’s reign of economic terror is coming to an end. The era of deglobalization is officially here. 

As Always, It’s Easier Said Than Done

We’ve watched as the global economy has failed time and time again. 

Germany is looking at a dangerously cold winter thanks to its dependence on Russian energy.

China can decide the pricing of some of the world’s most critical resources on a whim. 

And don't even get me started on Brexit.

The days of seeking cheap labor and materials overseas are coming to a close. Instead, the value of security and reliability is being prioritized. 

After all, how can a country plan for the future if half of its supply chain belongs to a hostile country? 

Any future plans are beholden to whichever shadowy foreign power happens to control your debt. 

And right now, there are a lot of plans for the future being tossed around, particularly in the promised land of Green Energy.

Nearly every politician on Earth has made incredibly ambitious plans for reaching net-zero carbon emissions. That means more renewable energy, fewer fossil fuels, and a few bold lifestyle changes for the general public. 

The most obvious change we’re all being forced to make is the switch to electric vehicles (EVs). It phases out gasoline engines, one of the everyday citizen's biggest sources of pollution. 

If you've ever driven an EV, they're pretty cool. My limited experience didn’t leave much to be desired other than better public charging access. 

Soon enough, just about every driver will be behind the wheel of an EV. That means roughly 17 pounds of lithium per driver. 

Guess where nearly all of that processed lithium comes from? 

China controls the vast majority of the world’s lithium battery infrastructure. Hardly a single EV makes it off the line without some part of it passing through a CCP-controlled facility. 

It’s one of the most egregious examples of China controlling the world’s future. 

There’s Only One Possible Solution Here

If the U.S. wants to transition to a green future WITHOUT handing all the profits to China, a few things are going to have to change.

Most importantly, we need our absent-minded leader to keep funding these domestic industries. He’s already pumped a ridiculous amount of funding into some small-cap companies, sending their share prices through the roof. 

EVs are coming, whether the naysayers like it or not. And currently, Chinese drivers are switching over faster than any other demographic. 

The U.S. doesn't currently mine any lithium itself, and it would take decades to ramp up our production to levels that could compete with China. 

But that’s not the end of the story. 

The U.S. has one specialty that China can’t compete with — a few ironclad patents made sure of that. 

Did you know that there are other ways of getting industrial-size quantities of lithium without pulling it from the ground? 

The science behind it sounds like magic, but the proof is in the numbers. 

This unbelievably tiny company has the talent, the facilities, and the proprietary technology needed to turn the tide against China. 

Learn more here before you tell me I’m crazy.

To your wealth,

Luke Sweeney
Contributor, Energy and Capital

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Luke’s technical know-how combined with an insatiable scientific curiosity has helped uncover some of our most promising leads in the tech sector. He has a knack for breaking down complicated scientific concepts into an easy-to-digest format, while still keeping a sharp focus on the core information. His role at Angel is simple: transform piles of obscure data into profitable investment leads. When following our recommendations, rest assured that a truly exhaustive amount of research goes on behind the scenes..

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