This Is How China Already Won WW3

Alex Koyfman

Written By Alex Koyfman

Updated May 15, 2024

Dear Reader,

I wish I could sit here and tell you that the subject line that brought you here is just clickbait. Unfortunately I can’t do that, because none of it is a lie or an exaggeration. 

To those who can see through the foggy images of reality delivered to us via mass media it's quite clear that China, and more specifically, the Chinese Communist Party, has already won World War 3. 

Most of us are just a bit too comfortable existing as we do to see this fact for what it is. 

In case you’re one of those people, let me explain what I’m talking about…

Last year, China, collectively through all of its agencies and corporations — which are all under the ultimate control of the CCP — produced over 1.7 trillion smartphones, or about 2/3 of total global production volume for that year.

At the same time, China produced close to 80% or 4/5 of the world’s rechargeable batteries. 

Germany came in second place snagging 11% of the world market share.

The Worst Drug Of All

Over the last decade or so, those smartphones and the batteries which power them, have literally restructured our very social fabric. 

We use them to talk to one another, send data, share our lives and thoughts with billions of strangers, attend meetings, earn money, store vital information, meet new people, and navigate the physical world. 

phone stare

To the millennial and zoomer generations in particular, the smartphone is where life happens. 

Without it, millions of us would simply be lost. 

This isn’t just a factor in the United States, which has historically been the place where social trends go to evolve into global movements. This is happening across the Western world and even in the Westernized Eastern world. 

If you've been alive and conscious at all in the last 10-15 years, you already know perfectly well what I mean.

The Chinese saw this coming decades ago. They may not have predicted things like Snapchat and Instagram, but they knew, as early as the late 1980s during the reign of Deng Xioping, that western consumers would turn wireless devices, and the batteries that run them, into a sociel revolution unprecedented in the history of mankind in terms of reach, and magnitude. 

Today, with the bulk of the picks and shovels of this movement coming out of Chinese-controlled factories, there simply is no point in ever entering into a hot war, because the conclusion is foregone. 

A New Kind Of War

These days, nuclear superpowers don’t fight each other directly. 

Sure, we may stomp some dusty middle-eastern power into the ground the way we did to Iraq (twice), but when it comes to facing down another guy with an ICBM in his quiver, the approach is indirect. 

If Russia does something we don’t like, we start turning off the lights economically. 

We sanction, cut ties, freeze accounts, close branch offices, recall diplomats and high level executives, and terminate direct air travel.

Now, imagine that the US and China came to a diplomatic impasse at some point… What do you think the CCP’s first move would be, towards us?

That's right. China's first move in a war of industry, and likely the last, is cutting the flow of lithium batteries and lithium-powered devices. 

Because we simply can’t function without new devices and the new batteries which power them. 

The result would be akin to a pre-internet society losing eletricity. Everything important would simply… stop working. 

You Don't Shoot Your Favorite Workhorse

So yes, World War 3 is already over. Because if push ever came to shove, not even our carrier groups, ballistic missile submarines or stealth bombers would be able to wage the kind of war that the Chinese can wage on us, and without firing a single shot. 

When you think about it, why would they ever want to fire any shots at us? Our consumerism is what made them rich and powerful in the first place. Controlling us, completely, is good enough.

If that perspective seems bleak to you, that’s because it is. But it’s reality as we’ve molded it. 

By enjoying and becoming addicted to cheap, incredibly capable consumer technology, we’ve inadvertently given a hostile power all of the cards, and we continue to do so on a daily basis. 

There are only two ways to turn back the clock on this situation. 

The first, is to go back to the late 1980s and stay there, swearing off modern wireless tech forever. 

That’s not happening. 

The second, is to become lithium independent from the Chinese. 

This Lithium Extraction Tech Is Our Best And Last Line Of Defense

Sounds simple, right? 

And what about that McDermitt Caldera? It’s sitting there, quietly in the middle of the Western US, supposedly concealing within its depths the biggest lithium resource ever discovered. Doesn’t that already change things?

The answer is no and no. You see, no matter how big a traditional hard rock lithium deposit is, it takes upwards of a decade of preparation before the end-product can be shipped. 

The McDermitt Caldera, albeit the biggest ever, will not be producing anything but a power bill for at least that long, if not longer given its legal problems. 

No… To beat the Chinese at the game which they started playing more than 30 years ago, we need something that makes lithium quickly, efficiently, and without the need to engage in the costiliest, most time consuming task of all: Exploration. 

So here’s the light at the end of the tunnel. There’s a Canadian company that’s doing exactly that. And very soon, the process which they’ve created may turn every oil and gas-asset in North America into a lithium producer. 

Technology, Not Mining

This process, which has been described by Goldman Sachs as a ‘game changer’ for the lithium industry, takes ordinary oilfield brine and turns it into a production line for pure lithium metal.

The filtration is very efficient and highly scalable, allowing for major companies like Exxon and Shell to diversify their fossil fuel assets into lithium production in just weeks time, without the need to interrupt their existing operations.

MI Black Lithium Image 18

Instead of having to wait ten years, lag time with this extraction method is just a few months at the most. 

Best of all, there is no exploration required. Lithium concentrations within these brine ponds is already well established. It's simply a matter of pumping the liquid through the processor, and removing one of the many dissolved solids.

The company behind this revolutionary process was founded by people from the petrochemical industry, for the sole purpose of bringing cheap lithium production to North America. 

Today, they’re on the cusp of commercial production at their pilot plant. Interest from major fossil fuel brands is growing. 

Put that all together and this could be my greatest ever discovery in the lithium sector. 

Want to learn more about it? This quick presentation answers all the questions. 

Fortune favors the bold,

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