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You’ve Been Sleeping on This Investment for Years — It’s Time to Wake Up

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted February 1, 2022

Keith Kohl reveals which energy source could dominate investor profits in 2022. And right now, the United States holds roughly 473 trillion cubic feet of it...

What to Do if Russia Invades Another Post-Soviet Country — Again

Written by Zak Rosen
Posted December 14, 2021

Our history works in cycles. Repeated patterns, periods of growth to decay to crisis to change, and then starting over again. Like clockwork, the past meets us here in the present. Are we ready for...

So You Want to Get Rich From Natural Gas — Let Me Show You How

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted November 2, 2021

Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl reveals how investors can take advantage of the energy crisis brewing in Europe.

Coal 2022 Outlook: It’s Back From the Dead!

Written by Luke Sweeney
Posted October 17, 2021

Just in time for Halloween, something spooky is happening in the energy market: Coal is crawling out of the grave to reclaim its old seat at the table.

Ending Our 320-Year Affair With Coal

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted August 10, 2021

Humans across the globe have had a love affair with coal for the last 320 years, but that may soon be coming to an end. Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl offers readers an unfortunate outlook for...

The Trillion-Dollar Energy Conspiracy Bankrupting Consumers

Written by Luke Sweeney
Posted July 25, 2021

The world’s biggest energy producers are sitting on a secret that could unravel the entire market. Renewable energy opportunities are creating new millionaires on a daily basis. And that...

Oil Stocks Are About to Launch

Written by Christian DeHaemer
Posted June 7, 2021

Many oil companies are selling at 60%–80% discounts from their highs at a time when oil prices are about to take off. Now is the time to put your money to work in oil.

The Winners and Losers in Biden's Oil Future

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted April 18, 2021

Could this be the end of America's oil empire? Market analyst Keith Kohl discusses why Biden’s next move will most assuredly determine the winners and losers of the U.S. oil industry...

The Most Misunderstood Investment in the U.S. (and It’s Not Bitcoin)

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted February 9, 2021

All it took was one swift stroke of a pen, and President Biden ended a 13-year war against the Keystone XL pipeline.

As Crude Prices Rise, These Three Companies Should Offer Fast Profits

Written by Sean McCloskey
Posted December 3, 2020

Crude prices rose across the board on Thursday and are in the green by roughly a quarter-percent leading into today’s open. But this is just the beginning of a much larger run-up. These are the...

The War Within OPEC

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted December 1, 2020

There are catalysts lined up for 2021 that will inevitably push oil prices higher… and nothing OPEC+ says or does can slow this momentum. Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl takes a closer look...

Natural Gas Outlook 2021 Part 2: Bull in a China Shop

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted September 1, 2020

Our wealth of natural gas is the worst-kept secret in the U.S. energy sector today. Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl looks ahead at the primary driver for a natural gas bull market in 2021.