California’s Green Crusade Continues With a Diesel Truck Ban

Written By Luke Sweeney

Updated May 15, 2024

Despite protests from just about everyone except the mouth-foaming environmentalists, California is likely to get the EPA’s approval to ban diesel trucks. 

It’s yet another example of rushing headlong into unproven tech with no real plan in place. 

The law is divided into three parts:

  1. Automakers must exclusively sell electric trucks by 2045.
  2. Any diesel trucks from the 2024 model year on must be fitted with emission monitors.
  3. Truckers are required to maintain these emission monitors for the life of the vehicle.

In short, it means the California trucking industry is about to get a major green tax. 

california bans diesel trucks

Every product that travels by road will soon be riding in a brand-new electric truck. Drivers are already gearing up for lawsuits against what many say is an unfair attack on their livelihood. 

And if you've been following the development of electric trucks, you'll know just how shortsighted this plan is. 

There are only a few thousand electric semitrucks on the road today. They typically have a quarter of the range of similar-sized diesel trucks, very few places to recharge, and cost significantly more. 

It’s going to take a huge amount of development and infrastructure upgrades to make this transition work. In the meantime, anyone who relies on the shipping industry (meaning EVERYONE) will suffer the immediate consequences. 

And California won’t be the only state to roll out a diesel ban. New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Oregon, Washington state, and Massachusetts are expected to follow suit very soon. 

And the fallout won’t be contained inside each state. Less demand for diesel means less refining and lower supply. Those that can’t afford a fancy new electric truck will be stuck paying higher prices — and passing them on to customers. 

I’m all for progress, but haven’t we seen how this story goes? 

I think what irks me the most is how the regulations blindly prioritize electric trucks when there are better options. 

We’re currently watching one particular option enter a new renaissance, and it’s much closer to being ready than a fleet of electric semitrucks. 

This fuel itself isn't new, but researchers are finally breaking their silence on a newly discovered production method. 

This incredible machine uses renewable energy to create clean-burning, powerful fuel from nothing but the chemicals in the air. 

And it’s not just a small-scale experiment trapped in a lab somewhere. This machine is currently being made by a tiny public company trading for under $1. 

It just might be the most undervalued stock play I’ve seen in my life. 

I’ve been watching the news, waiting for the moment the media figure out about this and cause the company's price to shoot through the roof. So far, the company is still in stealth mode. 

All the details are hosted on our secure site. Learn how to access the ticker symbols, buy/sell targets, and a complete guide to investing in the green fuel of the future.

To your wealth,

Luke Sweeney
Contributor, Energy and Capital

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