Breakthrough Battery Tech Gets Major Cash Infusion

Alex Koyfman

Written By Alex Koyfman

Updated May 15, 2024

If you’re a resource investor, right now is the most exciting point in the last 50 years to be alive and trading.

The reason is simple: The lithium bubble is behind us. 

After peaking at a whopping $80k/ton back in late 2022, the rug was pulled out from under the lithium market when doubt, missed expectations and jittery speculators sent prices into free fall. 

To the cool headed, far-sighted investors, things like speculative bubbles are a source of infinite frustration. But when all is said and done, these short-lived market manias also hand us some of the best buy-in windows after manic buying gives way to desperation selling. 

Lithium prices may have been unwarranted at $80k/ton, but at $20k/ton, they’re oversold to the point of absurdity. 

lithium price

The result? Those cool-headed investors are now looking at the lithium market as the most prospective sector today. 

Thank The FOMA Airheads For This Buy In Window

From lithium mining to refining and battery production, we’re going to see a true lithium golden era emerge from the ashes of the bubble with new highs — this time sustainable and justified — likely coming our way in the next 24-36 months. 

With lithium demand now outstripping supply, this is about as close to certainty as things come in the world of investing. 

MI Black Lithium Image 13

Now, I’ve been writing to you consistently about this over the past several months. 

I’ve presented multiple ways for you to play this trend, from the conservative, to the speculative, but today I’d like to talk about the next big thing in portable energy storage.

Lithium-ion and lithium-based solid state battery tech will dominate the industry for years to come, and there is a new tech emerging right now that may just take rechargeable batteries into the next century. 

Is This ‘Super Material’ Actually Alien Technology?

The key material behind this new battery tech is the 21st century’s most revolutionary manmade material — graphene

Discovered at the beginning of the century, Graphene went on to win its principal researchers the Nobel Prize for physics in 2010.

In those early days, Graphene cost almost twice as much as gold to produce. Today, things are very, very different. 

Thanks to new production methodology, graphene is now orders of magnitude cheaper to produce, making it a viable commercial material. 

As a result, the field of graphene research has found dozens of new applications for the molecule-thick nanostructure. 

From medicine to aeronautical engineering and commercial technology, graphene can do the work of metal alloys, carbon fiber, and advanced semi-conductors. 

It’s lighter and stronger than anything else known to man. It’s an unmatched conductor of heat and electrical charge, and it can be manufactured on a microscopic level to produce very specific results for very specific needs. 

Graphene Batteries: A Completely Different Animal

One of those needs is battery technology. 

One of the companies that’s leading the way in Graphene research has turned to graphene batteries as one of its main focuses. 

Though still not commercial, early testing has revealed some incredible improvements in performance. 

The batteries currently being produced at this Brisbane-based company on a limited scale boast some incredible numbers. 

Here is just a taste:

  • 3-5 times the charge capacity
  • 3-5 times the charge-discharge cycle service life
  • Up to 70 times the charge speed

Any one of these improvements is enough to completely disrupt the balance of today’s battery market

All of them, in one product, virtually guarantee that graphene-based batteries will capture substantial market share once full scale commercial production begins. 

So when can we expect this to start happening?

It’s An ‘All Aboard’ Moment For The Graphene Ship

Sooner than many of us dare to think. 

Earlier this week, the State Government of Queensland went public with a funding commitment to help this Brisbane-headquartered company to construct an automated production facility for the manufacturing of graphene batteries. 

This facility is a pilot plant, which means that it alone will not take the company across the finish line. But this does represent one of the last steps necessary before production at scale can finally be achieved. 

Make no mistake about it. This technology has trillion dollar potential as the industrialized world gets deeper and deeper into decarbonization efforts. 

All that should get you excited about the future of battery tech, but this is the part that should get you even more excited and push you to action… Share prices of this Australian materials company are currently trading on 2 north American exchanges for just $50M (USD) in market cap.

There are two reasons for this… First and foremost, it’s still in its pre-commercialization phase, a development stage which is now coming to an end. 

Secondly, the entire battery sector has been beaten up by the collapse of lithium — even those firms that use no lithium at all. 

Shares Will Never Trade This Low Again

Just last summer, this particular lithium-free battery company was trading at more than 4x its current valuation.  

Today, the stock is scraping bottom.

Put those factors together and you get the perfect storm for upside potential. 

Now, just because the battery industry is on the cusp of an unprecedented bull market doesn’t mean that you have all the time in the world to make up your mind. 

The ground work of tomorrow’s biggest battery-driven gains is being laid out today, even as you read these lines. 

Don’t waste another moment waiting for clear signs that the market has turned. 

Get informed today, and make what could be the most important decision of your investing career. 

The fastest way to kick off your due diligence is to watch this quick video presentation offered to you today free of charge

Just click, view, and arm yourself with the latest data.

Fortune favors the bold,

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