Australian AllGrid Plays Off Tesla's (NASDAQ: TSLA) Fame

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Posted December 28, 2015

“Once Tesla’s system is available in February, that will be the moment the game really starts to change,” said Deborah Oberon, marketing manager of AllGrid.

AllGrid is an Australian Indigenous-owned company that plans to provide energy storage systems to accompany the growing number of rooftop solar systems.

Despite the direct comparissons, AllGrid’s GridWatt is different from Tesla’s Powerwall: Tesla’s are indoor installations run on lithium, while AllGrid’s are outside installations of lead acid gel housed in an aluminum cabinet.

Because of the different, less expensive materials, the GridWatt is only $12,000, about 30% cheaper than a Powerwall.

Already there are thousands of orders for the Powerwall in Australia, but those who need a slightly cheaper option will find the GridWatt more appealing.

Understand, even those who are connected to the national power grid can gain more energy independence from an individual solar and energy storage system.

AllGrid PortaGridWhat’s more, those on the edge of the grid, or cut off from it completely, will need an affordable system to rely on.

What’s interesting to note is that AllGrid doesn’t plan on competing directly with Tesla — the company wants to play off of Tesla’s notoriety to sell more of its own GridWatt batteries.

Oberon claims that early adopters of both energy storage systems will continue to heat up the market, and could make 2016 “the year that storage really starts to kick off in Australia.”

And AllGrid isn’t stopping at individual home systems.

The company is also deploying micro-grids called PortaGrid (pictured here) for areas completely out of reach of larger grids. The system comes with optional weather monitors that will close up and protect the solar panels from harsh weather.

AllGrid is also working on an agreement with an electricity provider, as yet unnamed, to establish a “feed-in tariff” wherein customers can get money back for feeding excess energy from home solar systems into the grid.

This was a major bonus for U.S. consumers, and will likely help the spread of Australian solar and storage systems as well.

To continue reading about this growing company, simply click here to read The Guardian article.

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