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The Roaring '20s Are Here

Posted June 22, 2021

After every recession comes a boom — and if you hadn’t realized, the COVID recession of 2020 was the worst since the Great Depression. By October 2020, more than 10 million people were out of work. Gross domestic product (GDP) — the total sum of all goods and services — during April, May, and June of last year decreased by 31.4%. That’s a staggering fall.

Congratulations, though. You made it through. The recovery is coming fast.

My daughter met old friends and partied in New York City over the weekend. I tried to go out to dinner on Friday but couldn’t even find a parking space. My other daughter told me there was a two-hour wait at Cracker Barrel near the mall — Cracker Barrel for God's sake!

Our esteemed publisher Dave Roberts was in Florida over the weekend and reported that every flight was full and the beaches were packed.

Let's face it — America is back in full force, and the numbers back it up.

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, "Real gross domestic income (GDI) increased 6.8% in the first quarter."

IHS Market writes:

The U.S. economy is heating up — 2021 growth will be the fastest since 1984. 

IHS Markit economists have raised the forecast of U.S. real GDP growth to 6.2% (from 5.7%) in 2021 and to 4.3% (from 4.1%) in 2022 in response to strong data on consumer spending.

Boom Times

I’ve been working in the stock market since 1996, and I’ve been honing my trading skills the whole time. Now is not the time to buy value. It’s time to buy growth.

In the aftermath of the dot-com blowup, while most investors despaired over their decimated retirement accounts, I discovered a system that pinpointed the most lucrative recovery stocks.

It worked again in the aftermath of the Great Recession in 2009.

And right now we are due for a massive post-COVID-19 recovery.  

The U.S. government has created an additional $7 trillion through the Fed. In addition, the legislature has pumped another $3.8 trillion into the economy and is talking about adding more with an infrastructure bill.

At the same time, COVID cases are down, lockdowns are over, millions are vaccinated, businesses are open, and the economic engine is revving up.

Simply put, the American economy is about to lift off and enter a new era of prosperity and supercharged economic growth.

We’re about to experience the most spectacular recovery in history, a boom of unprecedented proportions — and not just here in the States but in every developed country around the world.

I believe in it so much I created a webinar to tell you about it. Join us and I’ll give you my best pick for the next two months absolutely free. Reserve your spot today, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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