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Natural Gas Explosion Rocks G20 Summit

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted June 18, 2012

Last Thursday, I sent you a video where I told you about a new $50 trillion global infrastructure project being facilitated by the G20...

Right now the G20 is in Mexico, where members of their High Level Panel on Infrastructure are actively deliberating on this massive global undertaking.

One particular issue they're very likely discussing today and tomorrow is one that was recently brought to my attention by Agus Martowardojo, the finance minister of Indonesia.

Turns out Martowardojo is actively pushing a proposal that will not only coincide with the G20's agenda on infrastructure — but could also give two companies operating in the United States a huge boost in natural gas turbine sales...

Inside Access

In an effort to support infrastructure growth in developing countries, cutting-edge technology from developed countries will absolutely be needed.

And the Indonesian Finance Minister has made no secret about his intention to have delegates push to make this happen, stating in very clear terms that he's looking for developed countries to sell their technology to developing countries.

There are hundreds of different infrastructure projects under way right now, but some of the biggest are natural gas projects that include pipeline construction and transmission development — and require new systems and turbines that allow for natural gas power generation.

From a technology standpoint, there really are only three companies based in developed nations that can make this happen...

Well, only three that have an inside access to the G20. And let's face it; that's really what it all comes down to.

3 New Natural Gas Plays

Two of these companies design and manufacture technologies that enable natural gas turbines to operate 60% more efficiently than conventional turbines. These are the turbines that are replacing a lot of the older turbines today.

Both operate in the United States, and both have already been involved in other infrastructure projects supported by the G20.

The third is a European company that's built billions of dollars' worth of transmission for natural gas power generators all over the world...

And interestingly enough, the CEO of this company serves on the G20 Working Group for Infrastructure Development.

See where I'm going with this?

This company's access to G20 infrastructure plans is no coincidence. It's a glaring indicator that when it comes to transmission projects, this major European player is in a sweet spot for billions of dollars' worth of infrastructure deals.

And don't think for a second we're not capitalizing on this...

In fact, I've recently put together a 12-page analysis on these three companies that details how all three are in line for the lion's share of the G20's $50 trillion global infrastructure build-out.

I'll also be providing a follow-up to the G20's meeting in Mexico shortly... as well as continued updates on any new companies we discover that'll be landing deals through this $50 trillion infrastructure plan.


To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth...

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