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America Is the Global Energy King

The U.S. is now exporting more oil than 12 OPEC nations produce!

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted March 28, 2019

In Martin County, Texas, about 310 miles northeast of the state capital of Austin, a breakthrough drilling technology is pumping out so much oil that the Financial Post says:

“You add all the numbers up and what you start to come up with is very, very scary…”

“Dwarfs all other drilling techniques...”

“It’s the next big thing after fracking!”

In some cases, this new method of extraction has increased oil production by over 1,000% — sometimes over 2,000%.

It’s the reason the price of gasoline in the U.S. has dropped in half since August 2017.

That’s because these unique drill rigs act like giant underground vacuums that roam beneath the surface, sucking out every drop of oil within their reach.

It’s pumping out so much oil that the U.S. recently leapfrogged over Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the top oil producer on the planet, something that was thought impossible just a few short years ago.

But because this technology is so good at extracting oil from wells that span for hundreds of square miles, it’s turned Martin County, Texas, into a super-giant that rivals all of Saudi Arabia and Russia.

That’s right: This new drilling breakthrough could turn Martin County and the surrounding counties into an oil producer larger than the entire nations of Saudi Arabia or Russia.

CNN Money says:

For the first time since 1973, the United States is the world's largest producer of crude oil...

The achievement underscores the profound impact of rapid technological advances in drilling.

And a recent energy report cites the U.S. Department of Energy’s own data and predicts:

[Martin County] could produce more oil than Saudi Arabia or Russia in the next 10 to 15 years.

But as historic as this is, it gets even better.

You see, this new drilling technology has been operational for only a couple years.

But the results have been so stunning and game changing that the International Energy Agency (IEA) — the global leader in energy research and policymaking, and typically very conservative in its forecasts — recently said:

The United States will be the undisputed leader of global oil markets for decades to come.

Please read that again: FOR DECADES TO COME!

And that’s just the beginning.

With these new drilling technologies coming on-line quicker than expected, the United States is now exporting black gold to nations all over the world.

Exactly how much is the U.S. exporting to other nations?

The U.S. is exporting more oil than what 75% of OPEC members currently produce on a daily basis!

Take a look:

Oil Production/Millions of Barrels Per Day
Nation B/d (millions)
Saudi Arabia 10.4
Iraq 4.4
Iran 3.9
U.S. exports 3.4
UAE 3.1
Kuwait 2.9
Venezuela 2.2
Nigeria 1.9
Angola 1.7
Qatar 1.5
Algeria 1.3
Ecuador 0.55
Libya 0.38
Congo 0.26
Equatorial Guinea 0.22
Gabon 0.21

How quickly this happened is breathtaking.

It caught the world — especially Saudi Arabia and Russia — by surprise.

They were literally speechless and finally had to confess that they are no longer in the driver’s seat.

It’s been an economic boon to the United States. Not only do we collect massive amounts of revenue from nations thirsty for our oil, but it’ll also dramatically drive down the price of gasoline for Americans like you and me.

That’s because hundreds of billions of barrels of oil that were once unreachable using traditional extraction methods are now easily pumped out of the ground using this new technology.

In the coming months, I’m going to bring you specific plays on the drilling technology and on ways you can profit from America’s new oil exporting empire.

Until next time,

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Keith Kohl

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A true insider in the energy markets, Keith is one of few financial reporters to have visited the Alberta oil sands. His research has helped thousands of investors capitalize from the rapidly changing face of energy. Keith connects with hundreds of thousands of readers as the Managing Editor of Energy & Capital as well as Investment Director of Angel Publishing's Energy Investor. For years, Keith has been providing in-depth coverage of the Bakken, the Haynesville Shale, and the Marcellus natural gas formations — all ahead of the mainstream media. For more on Keith, go to his editor's page.

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