4 Energy Stocks Easing Japan's Energy Burden

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Posted April 23, 2011

A month ago, we talked about the surge in Japanese LNG imports.

It makes perfect sense for Japan to look for more LNG imports in the wake of the devastating earthquake.

Since 30% of Japanese electricity stems from nuclear power plants, the country is facing a serious shortfall.

But there’s another group of energy stocks that will help ease Japan’s growing energy crisis

My colleague Chris DeHaemer hit a bull’s-eye when he told us coal companies will step up to the plate to meet Japan’s energy needs.

If you think the Asian island nation is the only country expecting an energy crunch, think again…

All the more reason coal prices will surge.

Chinese and Indian demand is accelerating. Chinese purchases are projected to move 7.8% higher in 2011, while India’s own demand could jump 28%.

The rise in coal prices this year could easily outpace that of oil and natural gas. Naturally, that demand would give investors a reason to stay long on coal.

However, I want you to see that performance for yourself.

Here are four coal stocks to keep on your radar:

coal stocks benefiting from japan

No More Cheap Energy

Even the United States is slowly approaching record demand levels.

As you can see from EIA data, we are once again consuming more than 19 million barrels of petroleum and liquids per day; soon, we’ll be back over the highs we saw in 2007.

Have the International Energy Agency’s warnings fallen on deaf ears?

IEA Chief Nobuo Tanaka recently made a point-blank assertion: “The age of cheap energy is over.”

It took a massive global recession to slow down the energy bull. Now that things are back on the mend, how can you not be bullish on energy?

But there’s a slight problem this time around…

For investors, things aren’t as easy as they were a few years ago. Back before oil’s first price run-up into triple digits, we could have blindly thrown a dart against a wall and raked in the profits. That’s simply not the case today.

But hey — we’re here to help you solve that issue.

Below are a few of the top energy stories to cross my desk this week, as well as some of the hottest investment ideas to hit our pages… So feel free to kick your feet up and read about several energy investments that may have not crossed your radar.

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