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Why NOBODY Makes Money Following The MSM

Alex Koyfman

Written By Alex Koyfman

Posted March 9, 2024

Dear Reader,

Well, it happened again… The media has created hype and altered perceptions all for the sake of getting more clicks. 

And I’m willing to bet it’s going to cost some investors money.

Over the last few weeks, news of the non-traditional lithium production plant now under construction in the Salton Sea region of California’s Imperial Valley has been making headlines not just in energy-focused periodicals, but in the mainstream news as well. 

With a budget of $1.8B, this industrial complex could shock some life back into a once thriving, now barely breathing corner of Southern California.

salton sea

If harvested, the resource found in the areas surrounding the giant saltwater lake could be worth more than $500B and supply global demand all on it is own for several years.

The problem for those who are dreaming about projects like this contributing to a North American lithium industry, is that this resource is actually owned by an Australian outfit. 

They’ve been developing the property for going on 7 years now, and once production starts, the ultimate benefactors will be located on the other side of the globe. 

But what’s even more interesting about all this, is that while this $540B resource has been getting all the press lately, a much, much bigger find — likely the biggest in history — has been getting almost no attention at all. 

Why Is The LIthium Story Of The Decade Being Ignored?

Located about 1000 miles north of the Salton Sea is an ancient geological formation left over from a previous eruption of the legendary Yellowstone Supervolcano. 

Called the Mcdermitt Caldera, this giant funnel of metals and minerals is said to contain as much as 120 million tons of Lithium carbonate. 

That’s close to 5 times the total value of lithium locked in Imperial Valley — enough to supply global demand for up to a quarter century. 

Discovered just last summer, developement of the caldera could potentially more than double the total known lithium reserves. 

That’s enough lithium to completely destroy Chinese domination of the sector, which they’ve been tirelessly building since the 1990s. 

It could also help usher in the era of decarbonization we’ve all been promised. 

As I mentioned, this discovery is fairly new, which means that production is still a ways off. 

But that’s exactly where forward-thinking speculators want to be.

$2.4T Of Lithium Sitting at the Border Between Oregon and Nevada

Because while there are no billion dollar projects breaking ground on this site as of yet, with something this huge and this significant in play, it’s only a matter of time before that ball gets rolling. 

In the meantime, the company which owns this resource, based in Vancouver, continues to fly under the radar and trade at a very modest market capitalization of $800M — about .03% (you read that correctly… That’s .3 of .1%) of the total value of the inferred resources. 

Yes, our media does not do a very good job of choosing what’s important to report. 

They’re more than content reporting on whatever will get you to click. 

That’s why this story gets buried, while the Salton Sea project gets plastered across the web shamelessly. 

For investors, this presents a rare opportunity… Because for those who do the opposite of buying into trends after they’ve become headline material, now is the perfect time to look into the company running this industry-changing resource. 

Want to get in on the company that’s going to be in tomorrow’s headlines?

Check out my presentation on the biggest lithium discovery at all time

Fortune favors the bold,

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