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Buy THIS Copper Stock Before Next Week

Jeff Siegel

Written By Jeff Siegel

Posted March 22, 2024

I told you to do it …

I told you to get some exposure to copper back when the red metal was trading below $2.50. 

Given the steadily increasing demand for electric vehicles and the continued build-out of electrical infrastructure as a result of crypto mining and AI applications (not to mention increased demand in emerging economies), I knew there was absolutely no way copper could stay at those levels very long. 

And of course, it didn’t. 

I personally recommended a small mining stock called Lundin Mining (OTCBB: LUNMF), which has a very lucrative copper operation in the U.S.

Here’s how that stock has performed since September, 2022 …


That’s a gain in excess of 93% in less than two years.  

And there’s more to come.  

Particularly this year as supply disruptions in Peru and Panama are likely to continue, and Chinese copper smelter cuts reduce supplies.

It should also be noted that the U.S. government has been keen on expanding American copper production in an effort to secure domestic supplies of critical minerals required for renewable energy and electric vehicle applications.

This is one of the reasons I’m particularly bullish on domestic copper producers.  

It should also be understood that not only will beefing up domestic copper production take years to accomplish, but mining companies operating in the U.S. will also continue to struggle with onerous regulatory requirements and lack of qualified labor.

In fact, Freeport-McMoRan CEO Richard Adkerson recently told reporters that the company is struggling with staffing needs in the U.S.

We’re trying to advance technology to reduce worker requirements wherever we can, but it’s a U.S. problem for us. In Peru and Indonesia, we have a flood of applicants for all of our jobs.

Meanwhile, in Africa, billions of dollars are now pouring into the continent’s copper market.

Take Barrick Gold, for instance, which recently announced plans to pony up $2 billion to expand its Zambian copper operations.  

Make no mistake: companies like that don’t invest $2 billion into mining expansions unless they’re confident of growing demand. 

When that expansion is completed, by the way, it’ll be one of the biggest copper mines in the world.  But that thing won’t go online for another 4 years. 

The point is, the stars are definitely aligning for copper investors.

Now there are a number of ways to play this, but here at Energy & Capital, we just focus on what is going to give you the most bang for our buck.   And without a doubt, this is the stock you want to own to take full advantage of the copper bull run that’s now underway. 

This copper stock is so attractive, some analysts believe it could actually be a prime acquisition target for Tesla, which needs access to far more copper than it has now. 

Although, full-disclosure, this is mostly due to the fact that this stock’s copper operations are located right next to one of Tesla’s gigafactories.  A prime location, to be sure.

It also has access to more than 40 million tons of copper, potentially worth as much as $17.2 billion. 

That’s billion, with a “B.”

Of course, given the rapidly-growing demand for copper, if Tesla were to acquire this stock, it would have to pay a hefty premium.  Which is why I’m recommending you buy shares of this thing today, before such an acquisition happens. 

Mark my words: if Uncle Elon decides to buy this under-the-radar copper stock, you could quite literally double your money overnight.  So just to get you up to speed, I’m including a link to this new investor note which outlines how the Energy & Capital team plans on playing this next big bull run on copper. 

You can download it for free here.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth…

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