Why $200 Oil is Closer Than You Think

Written By Christian DeHaemer

Posted June 11, 2010

Right now, oil is hovering right around $70 per barrel.

The key words here are right now.

As early as next year, $70 is going to look like a bargain-basement price as oil cruises up to and past the $200 mark.

That’s a 185% spike in less than 12 months.

What once seemed like sheer lunacy is very, very close to becoming reality…

And it’s creating a last-chance profit window that few people are keen enough to see because they’re blinded by all the negative press that’s currently out there.

What you have to realize is that no matter what crises may arise, the demand for oil will continue to increase dramatically.

In fact, after two years of declining oil consumption, the IEA predicts that 2010 will break 2007’s record of 86.5 million barrels per day.

And they’re not the only ones who’ve noticed this trend…

Reuters recently reported: “Global demand will hit a record high this year…”

Barclays Analyst Amrita Sen says: “…demand is growing at a phenomenal pace.”

Guru Dave Cohen recently reported in an official Energy Bulletin:

“We don’t know when the next oil shock will arrive, but we do know it’s just a matter of time.”

According to the Energy Tribune:

OPEC raised its estimate for world oil demand growth in 2010 for a third successive month…”

I could go on and on… I have a list of quotes as long as my arm.

But, quite frankly, they all just say the same thing…

Demand for oil is, undeniably, at an all-time high.

So, why then, are oil prices so low?

Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek explains: Crude Oil tumbled to a 12-week low in New York as the strengthening dollar curbed the appeal of commodities as an alternative investment.

Put simply, oil is priced in dollars. When the buck spikes, oil dips. Simple as that.

And with the U.S. dollar looking very strong in the short term — compared to the debt-strained euro — we’re looking at artificially low oil prices.

But mark my words; they won’t be like that for long…

In fact the Wall Street Journal confirms, already “Oil prices have shot up over 6% since [May 25th].”

It’s why Morgan Stanley calls for oil to potentially touch $120 by next year… why Merrill Lynch sees oil bouncing back to $105 over the next few months… and why Howard Gruenspecht of the Energy Information Administration (EIA) suggests oil could run “as high as $210 [per barrel].”

It’s no longer crazy to think $200 oil is right around the corner…

It’s going to happen.

But for a very limited time, we’re experiencing one of those “blips on the radar” when extreme events create a window of incredible profit opportunity in the markets.

Of course, this situation isn’t like gold; with gold, you can go out and purchase actual bars of bouillon and bury them in your backyard for a rainy day…

You can’t just stockpile barrels of crude oil.

What you can stockpile, however, are cheap, undervalued oil companies that, when oil spikes, are going to absolutely explode… and make some people very rich in the process.

The thing is, you have to know exactly which ones…

Over the next week or two, we’ll be discussing some of these companies in depth, so I suggest you keep your eyes peeled.

It could be the difference between you cashing in on the oil profit tsunami headed our way… or missing out — like so many did last time — on petroleum riches.

Stay tuned,

Christian DeHaemer

Editor, Energy and Capital
Editor and Founder, Crisis and Opportunity

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