Weekend: Through Our Looking Glass

Written By Nick Hodge

Posted April 2, 2011

Welcome to the Energy and Capital Weekend Edition — our insights from the week in investing and links to our most-read Energy and Capital and sister publication articles.

I mentioned earlier this week our editors are always ahead of the curve when it comes to anticipating market moves…

But we aren’t a forecasting firm. Our sign doesn’t have three last names on it.

Those kinds of outfits are only good for officially declaring a recession’s begun after millions of people have been laid off for months.

Crunching March’s numbers in April is truly a fool’s errand.

Instead, we do research. Lots of it.

And our world view lens is tinted a different shade than most. We give as much thought to Google search trends as we do the Wall Street Journal; we know our neighbors can tell us more about the economy than the White House Press Secretary.

It’s that keen insight and quest for applicable knowledge that allows us — and our readers — to be consistently ahead of the game.

Here’s a recap of things we’ve told you would happen… and things that are about to.

High Oil Prices

Our main thesis, of course, is Peak Oil — or the idea the days of cheap oil (less than $100) are limited or behind us.

We wrote the book on this theory (literally) several years ago. And we continue to be proven correct every day, as conventional fields continue depleting and new finds (large as they may be) are in ever more precarious places.

So as oil continues this uptrend…

One-Year Oil Price

We’ll continue to profit from oil prices directly and from the companies going after the harder-to-get stuff.

Conventional crude may be going the way of the Cutlass, but we’ve only scratched the surface of unconventional potential.

Cleantech Ascent

We’ve been beating the cleantech drum since 2005.

Starting at zero, the industry had nowhere to go but up. And we knew as fossil fuel prices continued to rise, alternatives and efficiency would be turned to as part of the energy solution.

It’s not even a debate anymore.

We were right. (Click to enlarge thumbnail images.)

Global Solar Capacity 2000-2010Global Wind Capacity 2000-2010


And the profits will be rolling in for decades — not only from solar and wind, but from the batteries, infrastructure, efficiency measures, and everything else that’s a part of this energy transition.

Global Solar Capacity 2000-2020Global Wind Capacity 2000-2020

Water Scarcity

When I gave my talk at our first ever Investors Summit in 2007, my topic was water scarcity.

It was a 30-minute PowerPoint about rising population and the industrialization of the Third World… and how that would strain the world’s water resources. Peak Water, if you will.

Some thought I was crazy. But those who heeded my advice and bought water technology and infrastructure companies then are reaping the benefits today.

One look at headlines from the past month tell you I was dead-on with my prediction:

  • U.S. Farmers Fear the Return of the Dust Bowl — The Telegraph
  • Peak Water has Already Come and Gone — The Guardian

  • Japan Water Purifiers, Beverage Stocks Gain on Water Concern — Bloomberg

  • UAE, Kuwait Among Nations at ‘Extreme Risk’ of Water Shortages — ArabianBusiness.com

  • Driptech Makes a Splash as China Invests $600 Billion in Water Conservation — Fast Company

With world population cresting 7 billion this year, there’s no demand reprieve in sight.

Water will be a growth market for years, and is already being eyed-up by billion-dollar conglomerates like Siemens and GE.

Of course, all this is macro stuff — the mile-high view…

But I and my fellow editors will continue to bring you ground-level advice on these topics every day in our various letters.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge
Editor, Energy and Capital

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