Weekend: A Divide Emerges

Written By Nick Hodge

Posted March 19, 2011

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A divide is emerging.

You should be able to feel it all around you. I know I can.

Right and left doesn’t even scratch the surface. This is much bigger than backyard politics.

It’s between autocrats and the oppressed… between the haves and have-nots… between upper and lower classes…

And, most importantly, between broken systems and those they affect.

Not just in Egypt. Not just in Libya. Not just in Bahrain. Not just in Sudan. Everywhere.

Don’t be surprised when it comes to a neighborhood near you – be prepared.

All About the Almighty Dollar

Cardboard SignAnd by prepared, I mean be as financially secure as possible.

People with debt and no savings will be the worst off. They’ll be the first ones with cardboard signs on the street – either in protest or begging at an intersection.

Neither is a place you want to be.

The best way to come out ahead in any coming disruptions is to remove yourself from them entirely. And the only way to do that is to be financially free.

Let’s face it, the man who sparked the Mideast protests – Mohamed Bouazizi – by lighting himself on fire in a Tunisian street wouldn’t have done so were he financially independent.

But he wasn’t. He sold food in the street.

And he was content doing so until his country’s political system made it too difficult for him to prosper by requiring a permit or the bribing of local officials to vend in the street.

It’s no different in Wisconsin. Teachers didn’t suit up for battle until their financial future was threatened by the government.

Given the involvement of unions and a State Congress – and our country’s penchant to let special interests and corporations bend the law – I’m sure there was at least some level of Tunisianesque corruption present as well.

I’m not demeaning either situation, I’m making a point:

Throughout history, those with the most protected wealth have had the least reason to riot.

And as long as you’re not the ruling party (Remember the guillotine?), those with the wealth come out ahead after any rebellion or revolution.

So if your financial house isn’t in order, get it there soon.

With the Fed’s ongoing cover-up of debt and the decline of the dollar, the growing power of lobbyists, and the rising cost of energy… the instability is only getting started.

And it only seems like your government isn’t doing anything.

But they’ve actually been doing plenty – book deals, fundraisers, securing “campaign donations” from companies and interest groups.

They’ve been making themselves rich at your expense. They know the best security is wealth.

It’s time you learned the same.

Our ideas on how to do that in energy markets below. And if you don’t already know, we cover everything else – general wealth-building and protection, dividends, options, metals and more – in our two other free publications, Wealth Daily and Wealth Wire.

Call it like you see it,

Editor, Energy and Capital


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