US Energy Policy Same as Communist China

Brian Hicks

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted August 15, 2012

They’re all full of crap!

As one who can smell a bureaucratic rat from a mile away, I’m not even a little surprised to find out that Paul Ryan lobbied the Department of Energy for tens of millions of dollars in stimulus grants for energy initiatives – and did so while blasting the spending as “wasteful”.

President Obama’s never made his love of billion-dollar energy subsidies a secret. I don’t agree with any kind of tax payer subsidy in the energy market, but at least I know where he stands on socialist policies.

Ryan, on the other hand, claims to be this fiscally responsible republican that’ll stop all this socialist nonsense. But he’s not. He’s no different than the rest of them.

The only republican with an ounce of credibility here in Ron Paul. And both sides have taken great joy in labeling him as some kind of extremist. So I guess now, supporting a real free market with limited interference from the government is extremist.

While Congressman Paul has rightfully called for the complete dismantling of the Department of Energy, Obama, Biden, Romney and Ryan continue to suck off the government teat. And the only difference between the elephants and the jack asses on this one is that the elephants create the illusion that they’re fighting to keep big government from eroding your freedoms.

Here’s the bottom line on energy. . .

Every year your tax dollars subsidize billions of dollars worth of kickbacks for everything from wind and solar to nuclear and oil. Even worse, a large portion of this money ultimately ends up in the hands of our enemies. Whether its for solar panels made in China or oil pumped from OPEC nations that funded the 9/11 attacks – we’re hammering in the final nails on our own coffin.

Over the next few months, you’re going to see one lie after the next from both sides of the aisle. But remember this – we get exactly what we deserve.

There was a time when people in this country would take to the streets to oppose a tyrannical government. But today, we let them force feed us their rhetoric through whichever media whore offers the best price.

Neither side has your best interests in mind. And no matter what they say, both sides will continue to use your money to subsidize their favorite energy providers.

You know what other country does this quite well? China!

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