Top 250 Energy Companies

Written By Brianna Panzica

Posted November 2, 2011

On Wednesday, Platts released its Top 250 Global Energy Company Rankings, a system by which the world’s energy companies are rated in relation to one another.

The ranking, according to Bloomberg, rates the best-performing companies according to assets, revenue, and profit, among other things.

This time around, the rating was based off of success in the 2010 fiscal year, and a noteworthy characteristic was the improvement and growth from Asian companies.

PetroChina Co (NYSE: PTR), for example, reached fourth place, and was the first Asian company to break through as a top-5 company.

Indian energy company Cairn India Ltd (NSE: CAIRN) was rated as the fastest growing company from Asia, said Bloomberg, and was placed at number 120.

Three additional Indian companies also made it into the ranking this year, moving the number of Indian companies in the top 250 up to thirteen.

Exxon Mobil (NYSE: XOM) was rated number one, maintaining its old spot in the lineup, and Chevron (NYSE: CVX) followed behind in second place, reported CRI English.

Gazprom (MCX: GAZP), a Russian company, was in third place, and the French company Total SA (NYSE: TOT) came in fifth.

Three major companies were booted out of the top ten this year.  The most significant fall was BP (NYSE: BP), which fell from second place all the way down to 118thCRI English says this was largely due to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Also losing rank was Brazil’s Petroleo Brasileiro (NYSE: PBR), which Bloomberg reports fell from 4th to 12th place, and Germany’s EON AG (PINK: EONGY), which dropped to 13th from 6th.

But China Petroleum & Chemical Corp moved into the top 10 this year, another significant milestone for Asian energy companies.

The president of Platts, Larry Neal, commented on this Asian success to CRI English:

“Not only is the pace of Asia’s energy consumption outstripping other regions, but Asian companies are increasingly moving beyond their domestic roots to become critical global energy players.”

The results of this year’s ranking look like they’re set up for even more Asian success in the future.  While Exxon maintained its place at the top of the ladder, some of these rising underdogs might be the companies to watch. 

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