Too Little Too Late?

Brian Hicks

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted April 7, 2011

Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, delivered a speech at a campaign event in Ontario on Monday April 4th that sounded awfully similar to Obama’s latest speeches.

The speech was focused on energy—clean energy.

Harper pledged to fund clean energy projects across Canada if he is re-elected.

The conservative leader’s energetic speech paid off in Ontario.

Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty, was pleased with  Harper’s pledge stating, “This was the first real, positive overture that we’ve ever received from a federal representative of this kind.” McGuinty wants Ottawa’s help with an $87 billion bid to shift the province to nuclear and renewable energy sources, and he took the Prime Minister’s speech “as a good sign.”

Harper’s speech followed an announcement released last week that he would provide a $4.2 billion loan guarantee for Newfoundland’s Lower Churchill hydro project. This project would allow the province’s hydro utility to send electricity directly into Atlantic Canada and New England markets.

And that’s not the only loan guarantee he would promise if re-elected. The Tories’ leader was quoted saying, “There are many negotiations to define our exact participation, but we will have equal participation in all regions of the country with same objectives.”

Harper is advocating advancing clean energy projects that will assist the fight against climate change.

Promising cross-Canada federal aid for clean energy infrastructure is an oddity in Harper’s campaign that has so far stuck to a platform of modest tax cuts.

It is also an oddity in the current Prime Minister’s record on climate change. Harper has generally disregarded clean energy projects in the past.

Harper ended his speech Monday pledging to help wean the country off fossil fuels and cut greenhouse emissions.

Now, where have we heard this before?

Leaders have a tendency to promise a whole lot when their name is nearing the ballot box, but then never acting on such promises.

Now maybe Harper has developed a newfound concern for climate change, but his timing is all too perfect.


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