How to Protect Yourself from the U.S. Retirement Crisis

Jeff Siegel

Written By Jeff Siegel

Updated May 15, 2024

Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary may be an incredibly successful entrepreneur, but that guy is really out of touch with how most of the world lives. 

Case in point, his recent comments about retirement. 

According to O’Leary, working isn’t just about money, saying:

People don’t understand this very often until they stop working. Work defines who you are.

Says the guy with an estimated net worth of $400 million.

Don’t get me wrong.  I will criticize no man for building an empire.  In fact, I applaud it.  But for most people, working is about money. 

I can assure you, people who work as janitors, customer service representatives, and cashiers do not define themselves by their work.  Incidentally, those three jobs are three of the most common jobs in the U.S.  And make no mistake: those folks would love nothing more than to retire.

But such a thing is not an option for a lot of people these days.  And it’s only going to get worse.

How the Government Steals your Retirement

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that there’s a whole generation of younger people who are unlikely to ever see a dime of social security.  And those who are receiving it now, or will start receiving it soon, are already getting screwed. 

I actually wrote about this last year after discovering that retirees could soon face a $17,400 cut to social security benefits.  This, according to an analysis by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, which calculated the potential hit to annual benefits in dollar terms.

Social security reserves, which have been around for years, are now expected to dry up in less than 10 years as new workers paying into the system won’t keep pace with our growing retiree population. 

And you know damn well not a single person in Washington is taking this seriously.  I suppose they figure that by the time the well runs dry, they’ll be out of office.  And of course, they all have cushy retirement plans, so what do they care?

Truth is, any person under 40 would be a fool to believe that he or she will ever see a single penny from the great social security ponzi scheme. 

And even folks who are older would be wise to prepare for the worst.  Because while those who are only ten years or so from retirement will get some of the money they’re owed, it won’t be anywhere near what they’re supposed to get.

A Better Retirement Plan

Here at Energy & Capital, we regularly provide you with very specific stock recommendations.  Stocks that we believe will help you grow your wealth a hell of a lot faster than anything the government could ever provide. 

Like these 2 biotech stocks, for instance, which just had their clinical trials fast tracked by the FDA in an effort to get them to market faster.

But today I want to share with you a special retirement plan that some of the world’s wealthiest individuals have been using for years.

It’s a retirement plan built around private solar royalties, which are monthly cash dividends you can earn from various solar projects across the globe.

It’s pretty simple, actually.

Essentially, there’s a special portal where you can choose from a variety of different solar projects, invest in one or more of them, and then immediately begin earning monthly cash payments for as long as 20 years. 

And these are not trivial payments.

Some of these investments are paying an estimated internal rate of return as high as 14%, and there’s actually one deal that can earn you an estimated $98,325 in royalties on monthly investments of just $100.

Although $100 is just the minimum investment.  You can certainly go in for more.

Bump that up to $1,000, and you’re looking at an estimated $983,255.

To put that in perspective, the average monthly social security payment is less than $2,000.

Bottom line: social security is one of the greatest cash grab scams ever to exist in the history of the United States.  And that scam is beginning to fall apart, leaving millions of Americans vulnerable to an outcome that’ll force most folks to work well beyond their 70s.

This is why I’m so passionate about solar power royalties.

Because they allow you to create enough wealth to enjoy the retirement you deserve, and without the threat of government theft.

So to get you up to speed on these solar power royalties and for you to start earning your own monthly income today, I’ve put together this Beginner’s Guide to Solar Power Royalties.

Not only does this guide show you exactly how they work and how much money you can make from them, but it also shows you specifically how to access these royalty payments in just a matter of minutes.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth…

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