The Dawning of a New Era in Hybrid Vehicles Has Arrived

Brian Hicks

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted February 21, 2012

The next generation of hybrid vehicles has arrived.

Well has almost arrived… The ERS Drive System represents what very well could be the future of hybrid technology.

The ERS Drive System is a marriage between hydraulic and electric vehicles, achieving a perfect balance between energy density and power density by harnessing the power of dual regenerative braking. 

I know what you’re thinking, “What in hell is dual regenerative braking?”

Well it’s an ingenious process in which energy created by the deceleration of the vehicle is transferred and stored in two different storage systems, a hydraulic accumulator and an electric battery.

Basically the energy created and given off during the braking process is converted into hydraulic energy, which is used to power the vehicle. That power is then reconverted and stored as electrical energy, which is used to drive the vehicle.  

The end result is the worlds first completely emission free vehicle.

But the ERS Drive System is also highly efficient, perhaps even more efficient than its electric- and gas-powered predecessors.

The dual regenerative braking and power system reduces the wear and tear on both the brakes and the cars engine, substantially lowering the overall power and energy needs of each part.

Unlike most electric cars, ERS Drive Systems employ inexpensive hydraulic components to do the work of many expensive batteries. Thus, the number and size of batteries required for each car is less than the competition, resulting in a cheaper, simpler, and safer electric vehicle drive system.

And bear this in mind: because the ERS Drive System has the capacity to generate its own power internally, it will be able to go twice as far as modern electric hybrids while using half the batteries.

Now you may be thinking: All this sounds great, but let’s get down to brass tax. The technology packed into this car can/t come cheap. How much is one of these future hybrids going to cost me?

Well the cost of the ERS Drive System is perhabs its most endearing quality, costing less than a battery-only electric vehicle. Since the system relies on fewer batteries to power the vehicle, the cost of recharging is greatly diminished. Meaning long-term, the cost to the consumer is almost nil compared to what contemporary car consumers are paying for their electric hybrids and electric-only vehicles.

As of right now the ERS Drive System is still in its infancy stage, but the makers of the system believe they will soon have enough capital to set up a prototype. Here’s how they describe the progress:

We invested our life savings and have had funding from friends and family. This paid for the patent, the feasibility and due diligence studies, first level computer modeling, system design, component selection, and a very in depth marketing study. We know where we are going and we’re ready to build a functioning prototype of the ERS Drive.

We have a team on stand-by, ready to help create a company where ERS Drive Systems will be initially marketed to school bus and other fleet operators. This is an excellent market entry point, as schools desperately need a solution to their costly and unhealthy transportation problems. A school busses limited range and repetitive stop/start driving cycles are perfect for the ERS Drive’s operational modalities.

You can learn more and help back the project here.

If successful, the ERS Drive System will revolutionize the car industry turning the current paradigm of hybrid vehicles on its head. With zero emissions, the car is a godsend to the green movement and environmentalist alike and it’s cost efficiency will make it appealing to regular everyday consumers.

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