The 621-Mile Electric Car

Brian Hicks

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted March 6, 2013

Maltese energy firm Silex Power wants a piece of the electric car market.

The company unveiled its own form of luxury electric vehicle called the Chreos— a car that will go 621 miles between 10-minute charges. This is more than double the mileage of the current Tesla Model S, which covers 265 miles and has a charge time of over an hour, according to Fox News.

The 10-minute charge has some critics raising their eyebrows, but Clean Technica highlights the “Toshiba Super Charge lithium titanate battery” that has a 15 minute charge interval.

Silex Power plans to produce 300 Chreos production models by 2015, so the firm has more than enough time to harness the necessary battery power. Since there have already been advances in charged batteries, the 10-minute battery charge time is a feasible goal.

The 10 minute charge time has already been introduced on the market, and there is even a battery prototype that will charge in 20 seconds alone.  

It is worth noting that much of the plans for the Chreos are still in print. The internal components are ideas, and the car itself is in the computer graphics stage.

According to Fox News, Silex is betting on the advancement of existing technology to turn its plans into action. The company acknowledges that the Chreos model is an idea in the making, but the technology behind the electric vehicle is achievable. 

Fox News mentions that Chreos owners will have their own charge stations, specifically designed for the car. It is this charge station where owners will be treated to 10 minute charge intervals. The company also has some ideas on the mechanics.

From Giz Mag:

“Silex says that the car will be driven by four electric motors (yes, one in each wheel) delivering 640 bhp (477 kW) and 4,400 Nm (3,245 foot pounds) of torque. The company reckons that this will see the Chreos from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in under 2.9 seconds. The Chreos will be limited to a comfortable top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph).”

The inner-workings are one thing, but the number one reason why consumers buy a car is because of the look. Silex made a smart business move by associating the electric car with luxury and style – combating public perception that many electric cars are ugly in appearance. The energy firm wants to show that electric cars can compete with oil-based cars in the area of visual beauty.

Typical stereotypes of the electric car include the lack of visual appeal, but the Chreos design will entirely dispel that notion.

The model car has a 4 door sedan frame, with a combination of Bentley and Chevy Camaro features. According to Serious Wheels, the outer layer of the vehicle will have lightweight carbon fiber, which gives the vehicle a glossier look.

The entire surface of the car has a smooth quality, devoid of unnecessary grooves, etches, and designs. The hubcaps illuminate as well and will match the headlights. The entire model is efficient in the outer layer and simple in its design method, but still visually stunning.

The car is highly post-modern and very European in style; you can imagine the vehicle parked near one of the trendiest nightclubs in Europe.

According to Green Car Reports, Silex got a leg up on design specs through its partnership with RacerXDesign. There is no doubt about the car’s visual appeal, and those who have money to spend will want to buy the car as it first hits the market.

There is no official word on the price tag of the Chreos, but let’s just say it is going to be expensive. Luxury vehicles don’t come cheap, and the limited 300 models will make this vehicle an auto market rarity.

However, it makes good business sense to produce a limited number of products in order to test the waters. After all, this is Silex’s first venture into the automobile market, so the company is being very conservative in the realm of production numbers. If the car is a hit with consumers, then more production models may follow, but the question remains if the Chreos will be able to compete with Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA).   

Silex is at an advantage, however, since market competition for the electric vehicle market is currently limited, which means the company stands a good chance of making quite a splash in the auto world.  

If all goes well with the Chreos, Silex is considering manufacturing non-luxury vehicles that would be more accommodating to the average man’s wallet, according to Giz Mag

You can expect more details in April regarding interior specs and the mechanics of this luxury vehicle.

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