Thailand Solar Projects

Brian Hicks

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted February 8, 2013

Germany’s Conergy (ETR: CGYK), a solar photovoltaic company, has received three new solar project orders from Thailand, expanding the company’s presence in that country.

It will supply three 10.5 MW PV facilities to Siam Solar Energy, its second such project. It is already developing two solar PV facilities for SSE after an agreement signed last year. The two plants will have a combined capacity of 21 MW.

Conergy will oversee all planning, development, and supply of components. It will also coordinate construction with the local partners, Annex Power and Ensys.

The plants will collectively generate more than 42,500 MWh of electricity, and should be complete by May of this year.

PVTech reports:

Marc Lohoff, Conergy’s Chief Sales Officer Asia-Pacific and North America said: “With nine power plants and a total capacity of 70MW, Conergy is one of the market leaders in Thailand. Currently, Thailand has to cover around half of its primary energy demand with imports, which is very costly in the long run. The country is therefore subsidising solar energy.

The Thai government is quite favorably inclined toward solar development; it provides for generous power purchase agreements, under which the province’s electricity authority guarantees operators a fixed purchase price for solar power. This price is the average electricity price plus a premium, and it is guaranteed for a period of ten years.

Thailand expects such incentive programs to help the nation reach its goal of generating a quarter of all energy needs from non-petroleum sources by 2022.


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