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Brian Hicks

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted May 4, 2011

The United Nations released a drafted report on Wednesday stating what we here at Angel Publishing have been saying all along.

The report said that renewable energy will surge by 2050 and the advancements in renewable energy technology will bring significant cost cuts to their projects.

The UN’s report came soon after the it announced the world population forecast for 2100 is 10.1 billion.

This population projection is a major concern for the sustainability for our earth’s resources—energy being one of them.

Renewable energy has the potential to outstrip the world’s energy demand.

The UN named 6 renewable energies with the greatest potential in the draft version of their report: geothermal, biomass, solar, wind, hydropower and electricity from the ocean’s waves and tides.

Specifically, the survey showed the technical potential of solar energy was substantially higher than the projected world energy demand.

Reuters reported the UN’s draft stated, “An increase of production of renewable energies anywhere roughly three-fold to 20-fold is necessary,” to meet the global energy demand by 2050.

The full report is roughly 1,000 pages, but the UN released a 29-page summary on its major policies to Reuters earlier today.

Government representatives from the UN’s 194 members will look at the draft for the next week in Abu Dhabi with an expected approval by May 9th.

Sven Teske, one of the lead authors of the report stated, “It’s one of the most comprehensive surveys of all the different technologies and their costs.”

The surveys show that not only can renewable energies exceed the world’s demand, but also renewable energy projects can actually cost less in the process.

The report said that renewable energy is “already economically competitive” and will only continue to gain its competitive edge on the market as technical advances make renewable energy cheaper to obtain.

Projects will also cost governments less in the future as the increase in private investment in the renewable energy sector continues.

The UN knows what we have always known: renewable energy is cost-effective and good for our environment.

And at present, it’s the world’s only solution to the global energy demand issue that is creeping just around the corner.

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