Sunlogics Receives a $7.5 Million Boost from GM

Written By Brianna Panzica

Posted July 29, 2011

The other day, you read about SolarCity’s development of an electric vehicle solar home charging station.

General Motors (NYSE: GM) seems to agree with the idea that fueling electric vehicles off of solar would create for an even cleaner drive.

So on Thursday, GM announced a General Motors Ventures investment of $7.5 million in Rochester Hills, Michigan-based Sunlogics.

The two have a deal to construct solar powered charging canopies on GM locations, two of which are already operational.

The deals cover an additional 23, aimed mainly at powering the Chevy Volt, GM’s newest electric vehicle.

The canopies have the ability to power up to 12 Chevy Volts per day.

The companies currently operating the solar canopies have returned with positive reviews, according to CNET News.

Included also in these agreements is a plan for Sunlogics to install larger-scale solar power systems on various General Motors facilities.

These systems will be operated under Sunlogics’ power purchase agreement, according to Forbes, which allows GM to buy the power from the panels, which would be installed on site while remaining fully owned and operated by Sunlogics.

It essentially save GM the hazard of paying the full ownership cost of the solar panels.

Sunlogics, meanwhile, has plans for the investment.

The company will put the money toward building a new headquarters in Rochester Hills, as well as a manufacturing plant in Ontario, which combined will create an estimated 310 new jobs, reports Forbes.

Sunlogics is an up-and-coming solar company looking to expand its market with deals such as these.

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