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Solyndra Scandal Deepens

Brian Hicks

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted August 9, 2012

Obama knew!

He knew that Solyndra was a money pit, and he just kept shoveling more and more tax dollars down that sinkhole.

The Washington Post recently reported that just two months before Solyndra swan dived into bankruptcy, Obama was personally briefed on the loan program that funneled a half billion dollars to Solyndra.

It seems like everyone but the White House knew this thing was in the crapper. Even my colleague Jeff Siegel, a long-time supporter of solar, told me just days after Solyndra was approved for the money that he couldn’t figure out how that company got approved for so much. And this is a guy who’s actually made a fortune in solar stocks.

Yeah, something stunk from day one on that back-room handshake.

In fact, according to newly released emails, some senior officials in the Obama camp were questioning the Energy Department about special deals that were allegedly being cut to private companies. What? The government making side deals with private companies? No, you say!

Give me a break. There isn’t a single project in Washington that isn’t resting on the scaly backs of high-end donors. And Solyndra was definitely not the exception to that rule. It was the status quo, working hard to pilfer your tax dollars.

I just wish Solyndra had been a public company. You know, so I could’ve shorted the crap out of it!

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