Runaway Energy Demand

Written By Nick Hodge

Posted March 11, 2011

The long-term bull market in energy is on.

Not just oil… Not just gas… Not just solar… All of it.

Trillions will be spent to get every possible BTU. That means secure long-term gains can be had in every energy sector.

It can also mean massive windfalls for those who play it right.

Here’s what I mean…

You and the BTU

It’s all in this chart:

World Marketed Energy Consumption

It says world energy demand will grow by half in less than 25 years.

We need 500 quadrillion BTU today. We’ll need 750 quadrillion BTU by 2035.

This isn’t my guess; this is the forecast of the smartest scientists at the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

And it includes everything…

86 million barrels of oil per day (mbd) now, 111 mbd then.

(Where’s that going to come from? And how much is it going to cost? Just the threat of disruption in the Middle East sent the price to $106 already.)

Natural gas demand increases 45% — from 110 trillion cubic feet today to 160 trillion cubic feet by 2035.

Coal use goes from 132 quadrillion BTU to 206 quadrillion BTU — a 56% jump, led by developing Asian nations.

World Coal Use

Renewables grow the most — 112% — from 3.46 trillion kilowatthours today to 7.34 trillion in 2035.

Why do I tell you this?

Well, take a look at the gains that energy demand is already creating…

2-Year Energy Stock Performance

2,000% in two years

You now know energy demand will increase 50% by 2035.

Earlier I told you that would create both secure long-term profits and massive windfalls in the market. And I’ve just shown energy demand will continue rising for years.

Yet the stock chart above is only from the past two years.

With this energy bull market, you can earn profits like that every two years — for decades to come, from every corner of the market.

The chart above is only a small sampling, and includes a coal company (Peabody Energy (NSYE: BTU)), a solar company (JinkoSolar Holding (NYSE: JKS)), an oil producer (McMoRan Exploration (NYSE:MMR)), and an energy efficiency company (Maxwell Technologies (NASDAQ: MXWL)).

They’re very different companies, but they have a few things in common.

For starters, they’ve all gained hundreds of percent over the past two years. And they’ve all been recommended in the pages of our stock advisories.

Then there’s the red line, Brigham Exploration (NASDAQ: BEXP).

It’s up more than 2,000% in two years. And it was recommended by Keith Kohl in his $20 Trillion Report.

Those are the kind of windfalls I’m talking about.

We called it

This energy bull market is the very reason Energy & Capital was founded.

We knew energy demand was on the rise. We knew it could make average investors above-average returns.

And we’ve proven it every day for the past five years — with dozens of wins like Brigham under our belts.

Whether it’s 1,000% as a result of Christian DeHaemer’s Mongolian oil pick in Crisis & Opportunity

Dozens of triple-digit energy winners in Ian Cooper’s Pure Asset Trader

Consistent green energy tips from Jeff Siegel’s Green Chip Stocks…

Or the buckets of double-digit wins I deliver every year in Alternative Energy Speculator…

Our editors and their readers were at the trough before the herd, and will be feasting on the rewards for years to come.

Covering every angle

You see, with the amount of energy we’ll soon need, every possible solution is on the table.

Conventional oil, gas, and coal, yes… but also new ways to get oil and gas from shale, nuclear metal miners, advanced solar technology, batteries, and more.

Not to mention all the related industries that’ll be needed to make it happen: rare earth metals, steel, the mining of lithium, and other battery materials.

Fortunes will be made. And we’re here to help you do it.

Usually, you’d have to pay for each of our advisories separately…

Together, they cost tens of thousands of dollars, and they’re worth every penny.

But as happens once every year, we’ve opened up the Wealth Trust to new members, which means you can get access to everything we ever publish for one price…

Every stock recommendation, every special report, every market report, and every book.

New membership has been open all week, but will soon be closed until next year. So take a moment to become a Wealth Trust member today.

You’ll have every tool you need to need to profit from the energy bull I’ve just explained to you  — not to mention several more wealth-building services from editors Luke Burgess, Greg McCoach, and Steve Christ.

Plus, you’ll never get a solicitation to join our services again. You’ll have total access for life.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Editor, Energy and Capital

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