Written By Nick Hodge

Posted August 7, 2011

When I’m right, I’m really right.

This past December (the 9th, to be exact), I published a list of 12 reasons to riot. A man burned himself in the street in Tunisia exactly a week later.

Here’s how that article began:

A zombie nanny-state has emerged — media our pacifier, pop culture our brains. Placated by the box office, the lottery, smart phones, reality TV, video games and other trivial pursuits, the American spirit is all but a forgotten ancestor.

Our economy continues to falter, our political system continues to fail us, the banks continue to mock us…

And what have we done about it? Nothing worth noting.

The Arab Spring ensued. Americans did nothing.

Revolt or Run

Some questions I have no answers for. And that scares me.

Like what are the 45.8 million people on food stamps going to do when our government can no longer graciously provide?

What are those hundreds of stoop-hangers I see every morning on my way in through the Baltimore ghetto going to do?

What are the 25% of kids who have been failing to graduate high school for years going to do?

What are the people who had kids as a way of increasing their payout going to do?

Seriously. It’s scary stuff. You should probably think about it more.

Because when the government fails to keep them placated, there will be barbarians at the gate… just like in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, and elsewhere.

You either stand up to it now, or you run from it later.

Here’s What I Mean

People (ten percent if you believe the government, closer to twenty percent if you have any sense) are getting desperate.

They’ve been out of work. They’re late on rent or mortgages. They’ve got mouths to feed, medical bills to pay, shoes and bling to buy.

And I submit handouts are the weak knot holding their rope together.

That knot has a severe case of dry rot.

I don’t need to editorialize what’s already happening; bullet form conveys this message just fine…

  • A 79-year-old Dallas woman dies in 100-degree heat after her locked-up air conditioner was stolen.

  • A Belleview, Florida man has been arrested for stealing a mobile home’s A/C and selling it for $18 to get gas money.

  • A bronze statue of a dog was stolen from outside a San Francisco Humane Society.

  • A high school in Apple Valley, CA, had its entire aluminum bleacher set stolen.

  • A 40-year-old woman stole a bike from a 14-year-old at gunpoint in Manchester, NH. (Live Free or Die, right?)

  • Three teens robbed a ten-year-old of his shoes in Beverly Hills.

  • Milwaukee police responded to the State Fair where a “mob beating” involving “hundreds” of people was taking place.

  • Virginia Beach City Council is considering a “tent city” for its homeless.

All in the last week or two.

Even though federal law prevents the military from being used in domestic law enforcement, the Pentagon has been training 20,000 troops for the last two years to help state and local officials in the event of a mass terror attack or unrest following an economic collapse.

A great divide is coming. And as I’ve told you repeatedly, you’ll want to be on the right side…

That means making the proper investments and taking the proper precautionary steps to protect your family and wealth.

You should brush up on how to do that with the ideas below.

I’ll be out honing my fishing skills for when it really gets ugly.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Editor, Energy and Capital


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