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The Depth of Oil Wells

There's always a lot of chatter about drilling for oil. The environmentalists say we're drilling too far, the oil companies think we're not drilling far enough...

While OPEC and Russia are cutting down on oil production, the U.S. has been spending 2017 speeding it up.

Why? They can make a profit when prices are between $40-50...

OPEC? Not so much...

You might wonder why oil producers make such a fuss about prices in the $40-50 dollar range... After all, if oil is $40 a barrel, but they're pumping out 35 billion barrels a year... well that doesn't sound like a bad payoff to you and me....

But that's before you take into account how far oil companies have to drill for oil. 

Did you ever wonder how far down they actually drill? I guarantee it's a lot further than you think. 

Take a look below. 

(click to enlarge) 


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