Rare Earths on Steroids

Written By Nick Hodge

Posted August 12, 2011

I spent over a grand to go offshore fishing last weekend.mahi mahi

My dad, a friend, and I put 21 mahi-mahi in the boat.

But that’s not why I went.

I didn’t realize it at first, but in all the times I’ve been dozens of miles or more out, and for all the big fish I’ve landed, the glowing moment always comes at the end…

It’s that feeling you get when you power by all those guys and gals fishing off the jetty and piers around the port (and catching nothing) in the million-dollar boat; when everyone at the dock crowds around to see what you brought in.

For as much as they wanted to, none of those poor souls got to go out on the open water.

If they knew what I know, maybe they would’ve…

I’ll share some of that knowledge with you now.

Time and Time Again

You see, I’m on the inside of the energy market…

CEOs and investment relations guys are constantly bombarding my inbox, telling me to take a look at their company, asking if I’d like to come check it out, wondering if I’ll cover their stock.

Most of them are a sham — fly-by-night operations that take a shell company, change the name to something marketable, and then start hyping the stock before they even have a product.

But some are actually worth taking a closer look. And the good ones — the really good ones — end up making me and my readers enough money to take offshore fishing trips at will.

So you’ll be glad to know I’ve found the next really good one…

Rare Earths on Steroids

There’s been a lot of rare earth hype over the past few years. Sometimes it was warranted. Other times, it wasn’t.

Either way, any company involved in the mining of these rare metals has been on a tear.

2-year Rare Earth

Keep in mind, those are all miners. Some of them aren’t even producing yet.

In some cases, these companies simply own land that’s believed to contain rare earths.

And yet investors have sent them up hundreds and thousands of percent.

The opportunity I’ve found not only has access to over 20,000 acres of prime rare metal mining territory — in both the Western U.S. and South America — but it’s already making extremely useful alloys and products from the metals they’re mining there.

The orders are already rolling in from highly recognizable defense, aerospace, and computer companies. Sales are up thousands of percent in two years…

Yet the stock trades for less than $0.50.

It’s the next step in the rare earth value chain.

And it’s one of the worst undervaluations I’ve ever seen.

So I hopped on a plane, flew to one of their several factories (this company isn’t some startup with a single office; it has production facilities in multiple states churning out useful products and alloys from rare metals), and filmed the entire thing so I could spread the word.

Like I said, if you know what I know, generating serious disposable income in the market — to take fishing trips, vacations, whatever your pleasure — isn’t all that hard.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Editor, Energy and Capital

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