Pot Stock Investors Get a Boost from the World Economic Forum

Jeff Siegel

Written By Jeff Siegel

Posted January 24, 2019

In Switzerland, it’s illegal to walk down the street smoking a joint.

But that’s not stopping the wealthy elite from doing million-dollar cannabis deals at this week’s World Economic Forum.

It is here where a select group of cannabis companies and politicians will meet for a three-hour lunch at the world-famous Höhenweg restaurant, which is only accessible by cable car.

While this small bit of information may not be all over the mainstream media, for pot stock investors, this is a huge deal. Having prominent members of the cannabis industry attending the World Economic Forum (which is well known for being an event attended only by the global elite) indicates the growing legitimacy of the cannabis sector.

Make no mistake: What started out as a high-risk investment opportunity less than five years ago is now a global juggernaut that’s minting millionaires faster than anything we’ve ever seen before.

And this is why members of my Green Chip Stocks community have been able to land multiple triple- and quadruple-digit gains in the space since 2016.

Just take a look at some of these gains:

  • OrganiGram Holdings (TSX-V: OGI) — 1,185%
  • MariMed (OTCBB: MRMD) — 532.8%
  • Aleafia Health (OTCBB: ALEAF) — 102.4%
  • Aphria, Inc. (TSX: APHA) — 1,174.3%
  • Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX: WEED) — 3,015.5%

And honestly, we’re just getting warmed up.

This Is Bigger Than Just One Pot Stock

One of the cannabis companies being represented at this year’s World Economic Forum is a company I recommended last year to Green Chip Stocks members.

It’s called Acreage Holdings (OTCBB: ACRGF), and it’s one of the biggest cannabis players in the U.S., with a diverse portfolio of operational assets across 12 states.

The company has one of the biggest war chests of capital in the industry, and its board of directors looks like a list of some of the world’s biggest power players, including former U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner, former Governor of Massachusetts Bill Weld, and the former CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

It’s no surprise that despite the limited spots available for this cannabis event at the World Economic Forum, Acreage Holdings was able to land one. And make no mistake: Deals are going to get done, and the company’s appearance in Switzerland is going to fast track its success.

Of course, while this is great news for Acreage Holdings investors, this is much bigger than one pot stock.

A Global Force

What’s important to understand here is that there will actually be cannabis industry representation at the World Economic Forum, not only from the U.S. but also from Canada, Europe, and Asia.

The cannabis industry has, without a doubt, become a global force. So while we’ve been steadily adding U.S. pot stocks to our portfolio, we’ve also been adding stocks that represent new pot stock opportunities in Europe, Asia, and South America.

While the U.S. remains the most lucrative market for cannabis investors, these other international markets are largely being ignored by Wall Street. And that’s why you should be taking positions in those plays now, while they’re still cheap. Because they won’t be much longer.

Certainly that’s why we’ve been loading up the boat.

In fact, in the past three weeks, I’ve recommended three new pot stocks that give us exposure to the most lucrative markets in Europe and South America. And I’ll be adding more in the coming weeks.

You can get access to those recommendations, too, by becoming a member of my Green Chip Stocks community today. This link will show you how.

And if you’re new to cannabis investing, I strongly recommend checking out this special report, which outlines which pot stocks are the best to own right now and how to determine which are the best for your portfolio.

But make no mistake: With the cannabis industry now being fully represented at the World Economic Forum, this is no longer some random niche industry. This is a behemoth in the making. And unless you hate money, you need to get some serious exposure to this market now.

Click here to get started.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth…

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