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Nvidia's Rise Points To Something Bigger

Alex Koyfman

Written By Alex Koyfman

Posted February 24, 2024

Dear Reader,

Nvidia’s (NVDA) 4 month bull run, which doubled share prices from $400 to $800 and added $1 trillion to the company’s market capitalization, can be viewed as a social pattern as much as an industrial one. 


The company’s primary product class is the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) semi-cronductor chip which, as the names suggests, was initially created to manage graphics generation. But It’s now becoming more and more common with AI and machine learning applications. 

It’s that AI aspect that’s the reason behind the company’s explosive growth since last October, as AI has rapidly emerged as the most talked about sector of the mid 2020s. 

Nvidia’s chips will play the crucial role in delivering AI functionality to a variety of products you already use. They have to, as Nvidia rules the market with an 80% market share already. 

Your phone, your car, your tablet, your laptop… All of these things will likely have some exposure to Nvidia technology as AI becomes incorporated universally.

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The Muscle Behind Every Device You Buy

But here’s the thing. 

Look a little deeper into this social trend and you’ll see other, more quiet bull markets taking place within it. 

One in particular is the rechargeable battery component. Because almost everywhere you see Nvidia chips used at home, you also need a power source. And these days, fewer and fewer things run on gasoline or are designed to stay plugged into a wall indefinitely. 

The trend of cleaner, smaller, more convenient and portable is probably even bigger than AI itself, as those characteristics have existed in the consumer tech world since the beginning. 

Today, virtually everything is powered by lithium-ion batteries. It’s the standard for compact power storage and grows more and more important each day as the number of devices in usage grows. 

But while Nvidia stock has doubled since last fall, lithium, which will end up powering every step of the AI revolution, has dropped like a rock.

From almost $80k per ton to under $20k. 

FOMA Has Made More Paupers Than Rich Men

The difference? Just as Nvidia’s bubble is inflating right now, Lithium’s bubble did the same two years ago. 

lithium price

The correction, fueled in large part by unmet expectations in EV sales, sent prices right back down to earth. 

But EV sales aren’t declining. They’re growing. They’re breaking new records every month. 

EV sales

The fact that Wall Street expected more, and the subsequent collapse, is just another example of emotional short-sightedness on the part of a giant and increasingly blind institution. 

Lithium demand is growing, and will continue to grow for at least another decade as we go through a period of planetary decarbonization.

And even when lithium-ion batteries are replaced with something new, that something new will likely be lithium-based. 

This ‘Written-In-Stone’ Bull Market Is Still Being Ignored

So as you watch the frenzy over Nvidia stock next week, and perhaps see the first signs of a post-mania quagmire, remember that the one resource that will power this whole thing is the most oversold commodity out there at the moment… 

… And yet the future, AI-powered cars and phones and everything else, virtually depends on it. 

Right now, there’s a lithium company out there that stands out among all the rest. 

Based in North America and with its principle property located in the Western US, this company is currently sitting on the world’s biggest lithium deposit, ever discovered. 

The property itself is extremely unique. It’s a caldera, the site of an ancient eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano. Inside this novel structure there’s enough lithium to potentially double global reserves. 

Get In At The Bottom

The company behind it all hasn’t been making that much noise about the discovery, as the news came and went last August. 

With share prices down, and the speculators looking elsewhere to catch a ride on the latest coattails, this is exactly when the shrewd investors starts to build his position. 

There’s a lot more to this story that will really open your eyes, but remember this… 

Buying when everyone’s already bought doesn’t make you a winner. 

For that, you need to buy before the mania. 

Want more info on the company and the unique super-deposit that could change the lithium market forever?

Check out this detailed report.

Fortune favors the bold,

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