Nick Hodge to Speak at New Orleans Investment Conference

Written By Nick Hodge

Posted October 9, 2012

I have the pleasure of speaking at this year’s New Orleans Investment Conference. To learn more about the event, including how you can attend, here’s a letter from its host, Brien Lundin.



QE3 changes everything.

Dear Friend,

As one of today’s more sophisticated investors, I think you understand what’s about to happen.

But tell me if you disagree with my assessment: The launch of the Fed’s new program of quantitative easing will mark the start of an explosive new rally in gold.

Of course, we’ve already seen gold and silver react to the announcement. But there’s much, much more to come.

Consider that the Fed’s previous two easing programs — QE 1 and QE2 — multiplied the price of gold by 2.67 times. So far, gold’s up only about 10% since the Fed announced QE3.

And also consider this: The first two programs were limited in both time and scope. The Fed is stressing that QE3 is unlimited.

Even scarier, they’re saying that they’ll ramp up the program until it works. And once the economy turns around, they’ll keep the printing presses humming on and on.

This is a new era. It will be like the 1970s on steroids. And we need to be prepared.

I’m writing to tell you that this year’s New Orleans Investment Conference will help you get prepared as nothing else can.

There’s simply no better place to get the tips and strategies you’ll need in this environment of easy money and soaring metals prices.

Yes, I’ll have the typical geopolitical celebrities at this year’s Conference. You may not agree with all of them, but you’ll definitely find Sarah Palin, Dr. Charles Krauthammer, Rick Santelli, Dinesh D’Souza, Peter Schiff and James Carville to be entertaining.

But forget about the sizzle — the steak comes with our roster of top investment experts, particularly our pros in metals and mining.

You’ll get the hottest recommendations of Rick Rule…Doug Casey…Dennis Gartman…Brent Cook…Adrian Day…Lawrence Roulston…Louis James…Marin Katusa…Mark Skousen…Frank Holmes…Ian McAvity…Mary Anne and Pamela Aden…Gene Arensberg…Scott Gibson…Bob Prechter…Nick Hodge…Keith Schaefer…Lindsay Hall…Bill Murphy…Chris Powell…Mickey Fulp…Jim Wyckoff…and, of course, yours truly.

You already know how profitable the advice of these experts can be when gold and silver prices are rising like they are right now.

And there’s no doubt that, at this crucial turning point in America — with towering debts, unlimited money printing and an historic election — there’s an opportunity for truly extraordinary profits just ahead.

There’s also the risk of financial catastrophe for the unprepared.

So I’m asking you to seriously consider preparing — right now, while there’s still time — by attending the New Orleans Investment Conference in a few weeks.

And to help convince you, I’m going to guarantee that you’ll
quadruple your money on the investment advice you receive.

You won’t find this kind of a guarantee anywhere else: If you attend New Orleans 2012 and don’t make back at least four times the money you paid to register — in six months or less — just let me know.

I’ll happily give you a prompt, hassle-free refund on your entire registration fee. Every penny.

It’s that simple. Come to New Orleans, enjoy a spectacular event, gather invaluable investment intelligence and specific stock recommendations that could make you a fortune…

…Or go it alone in what is undoubtedly the most dangerous investing environment since the 1970s.

Call us now while there’s still
time to reserve your place.

Time is short. I urge you to call our office now, toll free at 800-648-8411, to reserve your place at New Orleans 2012. Or, visit to register.

Quite literally, the stakes have never been greater in our investing careers.

Looking forward to seeing you here in New Orleans,

Brien Lundin
President and CEO
New Orleans Investment Conference

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