New Trend - Big Water Projects

Brian Hicks

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted November 10, 2010

Lately water headlines have been weak:

“Township to borrow $10.5 million for sewer plant”

“Council to talk wastewater treatment plan”

“Meeting focuses on desalination plant’s effect on marine environment”

Those are just a few that haven’t peaked my interest…

But a new trend may be on the horizon — Some meatier water headlines

“Aussies Drop a Billion on New Irrigation System”

“Jordan’s Thirst Quenched with $275 Million U.S. Investment on Water Supply”

“Chicago Borrows Almost $500 Million to Improve Water System”

Here are four recent examples of how water projects are growing in size and scope.


Australia’s government plans to spend almost A$1 billion to upgrade irrigation systems in Victoria state.

The reason for revamping is to help farmers facing pressure from environmentalists to reduce water usage.  Cutting the water supply to farmers would affect cotton, diary, and rice productions — and may even lead to a global rise in the price of cotton as Aussie land is the worlds 4th largest producer. The upgrade will provide better water security for farmers, and at the same time protect the environment.


Chicago is borrowing $487 million, including almost 90% in Build America Bonds, to improve and expand the city’s water system. Their current water system serves about 5.3 million residents in an 800 square mile area.


With the help of Obama’s vision for global development, Jordan and the Millennium Challenge Corporation signed a compact that will result in a $275 million U.S. investment to improve Jordan’s water supply. Similar to Australia’s project, this will help Jordan manage its water resources while saving money and protecting the environment.

As larger water projects have been hitting the news, we look at this trend of cities, provinces, and countries making moves on water concerns. Water security and environmental issues are at the heart of projects… This could peak investor interest — Not to say there’s a rush to hop on water stock, but a careful eye on big project trends could lead to a smart play in the water industry.

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