Lock in a 1,822% Gain on this Nuclear Power Giant

Brian Hicks

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted August 8, 2012

You can set your watch to it. . .

Every Friday, at 6:00, Japanese protesters turn out in droves to protest the nation’s return to nuclear power.

They rant, they rave and they tell reporters how angry they are at the government. To which the government responds, “who are you, again?”

Although the Fukushima meltdown is still fresh in the minds of most Japanese, the guys at the top have already given the OK to restart two reactors. The protesters? Well, that’s just background noise that’s been tuned out by the fact that Japan’s economy goes down the crapper without its fleet of nuclear power plants. That’s just how it is.

Yeah, they’re putting up some solar and importing more natural gas. But the Land of the Rising Sun sinks into darkness, and rises no more without a strong nuclear power backbone. And this is why I’m bullish on the return of nuclear in Japan.

Call me a heartless monster being led by the sweet smell of greed. That’s fine. I don’t care. All I care about is making money from the nuclear renaissance that’s now underway in Japan, and throughout the rest of the world as well.

Except for Germany, Switzerland and the United States, the race to build armies of nuclear power plants is unfolding.

China’s got 136 under development right now. Russia’s working on another 53, India’s got 46 on the board and even Saudi Arabia’s shelling out $100 billion to put 16 in their backyard. And that’s about 1/3 of what it’ll cost when all is said and done!

Between power plant construction, uranium production and nuclear infrastructure development, there’s an absurd amount of money being thrown at about a dozen or so companies right now. How much to be exact?

Well, the big dogs never show their hands. But the most recent nuclear power plant deal shows Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) sinking its meat hooks into a $20 billion contract in the United Arab Emirates. And that’s on a power plant that has a $30 billion build cost.

KEPCO (NYSE:KEP) seems to have made nice with the Saudis too, and it’s looking like the company’s got most of the Middle East on lockdown for future nuclear deals. Not a bad situation considering some estimates show as many as 43 nuclear power plants now being considered across the region.

Just on Middle East growth alone, KEPCO’s looking at a potential $860 billion in the desert. And KEPCO is also rumored to have deals under development in India, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Turkey and Vietnam.

It total, KEPCO’s flexing more than $2 trillion worth of nuclear power plant muscle. And we’re talking deals that could easily be done in less than 3 years. Now guess how this is going to effect the company’s share price?

Just on nuclear power plant development alone, KEPCO’s potential value increase is enough to make any investor drool. We’re talking a ridiculous 1,822% increase in share price in less than 3 years. Even sooner if Saudi deals can get locked down before next year.

Want to make an obscene amount of money? Me too. That’s why I’m riding KEPCO’s nuclear gravy train all the way to the offshore bank in Bermuda!

Stay Greedy. . .




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