Last Week I Took Psychedelics in the Arizona Desert. Here’s What Happened …

Jeff Siegel

Written By Jeff Siegel

Posted January 23, 2024

It was a bit colder than expected, but Sedona still did not disappoint.

A couple weeks ago, my girlfriend and I spent a few days in Red Rock Country.  We planned to go mountain biking, but it was just too damn cold.  With the proverbial mercury dipping below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, we instead decided to indulge in a couple of spa treatments before trying out some new psilocybin gummies that I got from a company called Psilouette.

While I’ve been writing about the psychedelics market for a few years now, it’s mostly been from a clinical perspective.  That is, writing about public psychedelics companies that are creating psychedelics-based treatments for everything from anxiety and depression to PTSD and addiction, and are currently undergoing FDA clinical trials. 

Indeed, there is an opportunity here for investors, although it’s still early in the game, so the risk remains a bit heightened. 

But outside of that market, there’s also a relatively new market for less clinically-structured psychedelics companies that are now producing and selling psilocybin mushrooms and psilocybin gummies.  

Since I have access to my own locally grown mushrooms, I’ve never really needed to buy them.  Particularly in the form of gummies.  But when I was offered an opportunity to try some, I certainly didn’t turn it down.  And I’m glad I didn’t. 

Psiloutte Delivers the Good Stuff

I’m not going to lie …

I felt a bit uppity consuming psilocybin gummies.  Particularly these, which were delivered to me in this very impressive packaging.


But truth be told, I have to give it up to the good folks at Psilouette, who have created a very impressive product. 

Now because I know how cannabis gummies can really send you to a place you don’t want to be if you’re uncertain about the dosage, I erred on the side of caution and only took about a gram’s worth of these psilocybin gummies.  My girlfriend also took the same amount, and we both thoroughly enjoyed the experience, which was one of calmness, happiness, and an overall sense of joy.

They took a little over an hour to kick in, but when we began to feel the effects, we went to the rooftop deck of our hotel where we watched the mountains swallow the sun.  

We sipped jasmine tea while somewhat regretting not taking more.  I imagine the visuals would’ve been quite spectacular given Mother Nature’s light show.  But that regret was merely a blip in the night.  And when we returned to our room, we laid in bed and chatted about all the things one would chat about while in a blissful state of mind. 

One of the particularly nice things about these gummies was that when they wore off, the effects didn’t abruptly end.  They delicately tapered off and left us feeling fully satisfied.  I do look forward to trying these gummies again, but in a microdosing capacity.  Which I believe is what they’re really meant for. 

As the psychedelics market does mature, I suspect we will see more companies like Psilouette entering the marketplace.  And some may even go public.  Today, there’s really only one non-clinical psychedelics company that’s public, and that’s Red Light Holland (CSE: TRIP) (OTCBB: TRUFF).

Because Red Light Holland works within the confines of a legal market in the Netherlands, it was able to go public.  And in fact, given that the company has a bit of a first mover advantage, it’ll be interesting to see if it seeks to expand its own offerings by licensing manufacturing processes or IP from other psilocybin companies that are not taking the FDA road to the marketplace.

Certainly, we’ll continue to monitor that market for any new investment opportunities in that scenario.

In the meantime, you can read more about Psilouette. here.

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