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Is it Time to Invest in SMRs?

Jeff Siegel

Written By Jeff Siegel

Updated March 25, 2024

It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie…

Shooting solar energy down from space.

But it’s not science fiction at all.  And in fact, the first space solar tests ever conducted have just ended.  

The results?

It has been confirmed that solar power can, in fact, be collected in space and transmitted back to Earth using a microwave beam.

Indeed, this is pretty amazing.  

But so is the ability to win the lottery.

And rest assured, that’s not likely going to happen to you.

While I find this technology to be absolutely fascinating, you’ll never see it commercialized for the simple reason that it’ll never be necessary.

Bullish on SMRs

Today’s global energy mix is as follows …

While the percentages are changing — and will continue to change — most of the sources of energy in this mix will remain unchanged for decades to come.

Coal will lose market share due to its heavy environmental burdens and inefficiencies, natural gas will roughly maintain at current levels, renewables will continue to gain market share, and nuclear will stage a long-awaited comeback, which has already begun.

This, thanks to the development of small modular reactors, or SMRs.

Boasting cheaper construction and operational costs coupled with SMRs being environmentally superior to traditional nuclear power plants, SMRs are going to take the nuclear industry from years of stagnation to a legitimate contender in the world of energy. 

In fact, earlier this week we got word that Ontario Power Generation and Capital Power Corporation have joined forces on a new feasibility study on developing SMRs in Alberta.

This news comes just weeks after Poland announced the construction of 24 new SMRS in Warsaw. 

Poland, by the way, is seeking to phase out coal while transitioning to an energy infrastructure heavily weighted in renewables and nuclear. 

The combination represent a powerhouse that’ll cripple coal and ensure that natural gas never grows above 20% of the country’s energy mix.

This combination will also become more and more common throughout the world. 

Which is why we’ve been so bullish on SMRs and the reignition of a nuclear power bull market. 

In fact, we even published a new report on SMRs, and more specifically, the best stocks to own to capitalize on this new nuclear power bull market.  You can access it for free here

Make no mistake: SMRs are not only completely changing the nuclear power game, but they’re going to disrupt the entire global energy economy.  So of course, we’re going to milk this opportunity for everything it’s worth

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth…

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