Hybrids Abound at Detroit Auto Show

Written By Brianna Panzica

Posted January 9, 2012

Today, January 9, Detroit is hosting the North American International Auto Show, where automakers from around the world will unveil new models.  This year, the hybrid vehicle is stealing the spotlight.

Volvo is expected to introduce its new hybrid vehicle concept at the show.  Called the XC60 Plug-in Hybrid Concept, the car actually will function as an electric vehicle, a hybrid car, and a high-performance automobile.

The driver will have the ability to choose between the settings “Pure, Hybrid or Power,” each allowing the car to use a different amount of electric power and gasoline according to the driver’s needs.

The “Pure” setting, which is all electric, will allow the driver to travel 35 miles per charge.  The “Hybrid” setting allows the driver 50 miles per gallon.  And the “Power” setting will use full power from both the electric and gas settings.

Volvo expects it will be another couple years before this new technology is incorporated into a car in America, but it’s a step in a whole new direction in fuel efficiency.

Volkswagen (PINK: VLKAY) is stepping up with two new fuel-efficient vehicles as well.  The German company plans to unveil its Jetta Hybrid, a 2013 model, and the E-Bugster at the auto show today.

The Jetta Hybrid is Volkswagen’s newest model hybrid vehicle with the ability to get up to 44 miles per gallon.

The E-Bugster is the venture into a purely electric vehicle.  The vehicle will be a redesigned version of the Beetle fused with a speedster.  It’s a two-seater convertible, similar in style to a Beetle, but with a lowered windshield.

The Bugster can travel 100 miles on a charge and runs on a 114-horsepower engine.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) isn’t left out of this one.  The American company will introduce its new Fusion at the auto show, a redesigned version with hybrid or plug-in hybrid options.

The hybrid will get up to 47 miles per gallon in city driving, while the plug-in hybrid should be able to reap nearly 100 miles per gallon.

Ford has yet to reveal the price for its new model, though President Mark Fields announced that the starting price will be near $20,200, the price of the old Fusion.

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